September 25-27, 2017 third semester Fashion Business Management major Alin Intravisit had the esteemed opportunity to attend the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Shop.org Digital Retail Conference in Los Angeles, California. Engineering students are normally prefered but Alin’s impressive resume granted her an invitation amongst this intimate student population of 100 top students. Shop.org is noted as being the place to meet the top thinkers and doers from the digital retail community. Guest speakers such as Tyra Banks, Scott Gallaway, and Marc Lore were all proof of that. Shop.org’s educational program keeps you ahead of the curve and gives you insights into what’s next for the digital retail industry. Alin notes “Shop.org is a great way to network with students from other universities as well”.



Alin is currently part of the NRF family as she serves as VP NRFSA FIT where her main responsibilities include scheduling guest speakers, and planning corporate visits and tours. Alin states she has grown so much from being a leader within the club. English is Alin’s 2nd language as she is from Thailand. She notes that it is common for Thai people to be a bit more reserved and shy. This experience has definitely enhanced her public speaking and networking skills. Alin along with NRFSA FIT club members are currently participating in the NRF Student Challenge Competition- The Big Pitch.


In her efforts to become a cultural ambassador for FIT, Alin applied and was awarded the role of Cultural Fellow. International students make up 10% of the FIT student body. This fellowship was created to cater to this portion of the student community and create an inclusive environment.

Ms. Intravisit has left no opportunity unturned as she was a YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund recipient as a Freshman. While the financial award was a major incentive, Alin was also drawn to the opportunity of receiving a mentor to discuss ways in preparing for life “after college”.

Alin’s motto is “There’s no downside to trying whether financial or the experience, just keep trying.”

all photos courtesy of Alin Intravisit