Forecasting at its best….

During Prof. Ann Cantrell’s Fashion Forecasting class, she and some students were discussing Dover Street Market and how innovative it is especially with its ties to Comme des Garçons. What better way to see it than to go.  Since many of the students had never been to Dover Street Market, Prof. Cantrell was able to set up a tour of both Chelsea locations of Comme des Garçons and then all 7 floors of Dover Street Market. The students will incorporate the visit into the weekly Hunter & Gatherer Journals which include ten entries.  Daphne, the tour guide and head of press introduced the class to so many interesting new brands and how Comme des Garçons and Rei Kawakubo find new designers that are really innovative and pushing the conversation further in fashion. Many of the designers are very much aligned in Rei’s model, being artists and “architects” of their brand, not just creating clothing but starting a movement with their work.  Thanks Daphne….Great job Prof. Cantrell!


Days after this visit, NEW YORK’S Metropolitan Museum of Art confirmed that the theme for its 2017 annual Costume Institute exhibition and Met Gala will be Rei Kawakubo/Comme desGarçons.