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Available Equipment

Photographic Equipment (Available for Checkout)

  • Nikon SLR Digital Camera
  • Studio Stand LIghts (flood and flash synched)
  • Tripods
  • Mechanical Release / Synching Cables

Photographic Equipment (In Lab)

  • Copy Stand

Enlargement Equipment (In Lab)

  • Analog Opaque Projector
  • Digital ELMO Presenter
  • Overhead Projector
  • Dell PC

Enlargement Equipment (Available for Checkout)

  • Tripod Mounted Projector

Using the ARL for Photography


ARL provides a clean, evenly lit Homasote wall upon which you can pin and photograph your work at any time (with or without an appointment) using your own equipment.  Please note that the lab is an open, shared space, and might be occupied for various reasons at any time the Library is open, though priority usage is for photography, image enlargement and other use of the equipment in this lab.

The ARL also provides basic photographic equipment for check out via the circulation desk in the library.  This includes directed stand lights and diffuser umbrellas, a tripod, etc.

The ARL also now has a Nikon D3300  high resolution digital SLR camera and lens for check out.

For a full list of equipment, please click here.