Need Help with ARL Equipment?

The ARL is a self service lab. The lab itself and the equipment we have available for check out are provided as a service to the students at FIT, but we do not offer tutorials or assistance with setup.


Check out our Tutorials and How-Tos page, for help with the overhead projector and copy stand.

The following links to video guides may prove useful to you in the usage of our photography offerings.

Nikon D3300: Video Tutorials from Nikon
– The Nikon D3300 is available for check out.  It is a good multipurpous digital SLR for very high resolution photography.

Stand Lights: Setting up lights for Artwork Documentation
– This is a video tutorial from a community college in Virginia (PVCC).  Although their equipment is somewhat different than ours, the basic premises of how to document flat artwork successfully may be useful.