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Art for a Sheltered-in-Place World

At a time when at best it is just getting safe for most museums to admit live visitors, consider “The Gates,” the massive Christo-Jeanne-Claude installation in Central Park, in February 2005. There were 7,500 orange saffron arches along 27 miles … Continue reading

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On Campus Fashion Caught by CJ Colligan

“Here I was, a new student at a prestigious art school, reluctant to take my first photo. I had this idea that a photographer should only take pictures of things that are grand or important.”  CJ Colligan has forged a picture-taking style of … Continue reading

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Well-Clad Mannequins Inhabit the D Lobby

Their outfits started out as scrap metal, door hinges,  pennies,  colorful wire. No one could have expected that yellow balloons and little orange men would have helped matters much. But the dolls look spectacular, each one carried away with herself … Continue reading

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