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Much More Than Design Itself: Emerging Senior Thesis by Karo Buttler

Karo Buttler’s senior thesis project offers an enormous amount of detail on design, manufacturability, materials and sustainability. Her insights were hard-won, and speak not only to her curiosity and versatility, but also to the special learning opportunities offered by FIT … Continue reading

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Mastery of materials and design: Yves Mervin-Leroy

M. C. Escher made an appearance at the Fashion Design Graduating Student Exhibition, courtesy of graduating senior Yves Mervin-Leroy. Leather pieces from Yves’ collection showed the interlocking design patterns strongly evocative of Escher’s work. But it was his mastery of … Continue reading

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Don’t Blush! It’s Nicole Windram!

She’s the fashion director of Blush Magazine who can repurpose clothing as if performing magic tricks. The transformation of one look into a completely different one is a daily personal practice for Nicole Windram. She also applies these skills when … Continue reading

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Sydney Hawes’ plush children’s coats go to Washington with Kamala Harris’ great nieces!

Lady Gaga wore Schiaparelli at the Inauguration. Kamala Harris’ two great-nieces wore iloveplum. FIT graduates designed for all three…but this is about two-year-old Leela and four-year-old Amala, and their adorable hooded faux-fur leopard-print coats. Embed from Getty Images Fashion Design … Continue reading

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Design Across the Oceans with Professor Jerry Dellova

Attending class remotely from four continents,19 students in Prof. Jerry Dellova’s CAD for Fashion Design class FD342, finished the semester a few days before Christmas, filling their screens with a riot of colors, print and pattern designs. As is typical, … Continue reading

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Anya Shakhmeyster reimagines Russian style with a new sensibility

“One of the best things about my Russian heritage is a straight-forward, no-BS approach to life. But taken too far it can conjure up a cold Russian winter!” says Anya Shakhmeyster. The Fashion Design alumna (’12) recently launched a menswear … Continue reading

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Bengali women serve as inspiration for CFDA award winner Mohua Goswami

Admiration and inquiry of Bengali women are at the center of award-winning knitwear design major Mohua Goswami’s CFDA collection. Goswami’s work showcases the free-flowing and personalized styles of the Bengal region in eastern India, where her family roots are. They … Continue reading

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Car Seats and Eveningwear: The World of Detroit’s Ashley Harris

After combining an FIT AAS degree in fashion design with a BS from Western Michigan University in fashion apparel design, a minor in general business, and her innate design sense, Ashley Harris is making it big … in Detroit. She’s … Continue reading

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Designer boxes are refashioned in “Thinking Outside The Box” exhibit

More than 20 repurposed designer boxes from Gucci to Prada and Tiffany are transformed into a mix of fashion, style, and art by Illustration professor Leslie Cober-Gentry.  The canvases were created in several mixed mediums. Uplifting messages within the works … Continue reading

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Students Shape Pellon for Macy’s Far-Out Flower Show

One might think that Pellon, a stiff fabric usually used for linings, might have limited design options. Not so. In Prof. Susanna Moyer’s class students had no trouble crafting wildly diverse designs that captured the outer space theme of this … Continue reading

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