Don’t Blush! It’s Nicole Windram!

She’s the fashion director of Blush Magazine who can repurpose clothing as if performing magic tricks. The transformation of one look into a completely different one is a daily personal practice for Nicole Windram. She also applies these skills when styling the layouts for Blush Magazine, FIT’s student-run fashion and culture publication. We talked to Windram about how style and function and a curious intellect works for this Fashion Design senior with an Art History minor.

Nicole Windram. Photo: Danielle Windram

What’s the most lavish outfit you’ve worn during Covid? “Definitely this outfit. I made the top from an old dress and hand placed the ostrich feathers, which came from a previous project. The pants are Adidas x Danielle Cathari.”

Nicole Windram wearing Auntie M’s Cornicello necklace with a Mano Fico charm

What accessory do you wear that has special meaning? That would be my Cornicello necklace with a mano fico charm. They are Italian good luck symbols. They belonged to my Auntie M who passed away last year. I wear them every day to remind myself that she is always here with me. And the necklace is cute!”

Nicole Windram in tracksuit on the Brooklyn Bridge. Photo: Namra Khan

What makes one track suit chic and another for workouts? “Athletic wear is one of the most versatile areas of fashion. I love wearing my athletic clothes to work out, and then elevating the look for a formal event. I feel confident in my tracksuits.”

Nicole Windram wearing a tracksuit. Photo: Ellie Vogel

Cont: “I think we’re going to see a lot of multi-functional clothes that can be used for sport as well as dressing to the nines.”


The bodysuit, above, Windram created from her first pair of track pants.

Nicole Windram pre-Adidas bodysuit. Photo: Jack Khan

Windram, above, in her trackpants before they became a bodysuit.

Namra Khan with Nicole Windram. Photo: Ashna Patel

When should you coordinate outfits with a friend? “Always. I have wonderful, talented friends. When school was in person we would coordinate outfits or makeup all the time. Fashion and style creates a special bond with people. My friend Namra and I didn’t even mean to coordinate outfits with big sleeves. It just happened and that’s special.”

Blush Magazine layout. Model: Phoebe Argente. Photo: Gabriella Spiegel

What’s been your favorite Blush Magazine layout? “That would be ‘Birthday Blues,’ my first time styling for Blush. It featured one of my garments, a purple alpaca wool with leftover ostrich feathers. I had wanted to create a garment with a unique silhouette and fun trims. The jacket features a raglan sleeve as well as a matching belt and skirt. I’m now really excited about our team’s new designs.”

Nicole Windram at Rags-A-Gogo record store. Photo: Danielle Windram

There are some great photos of you at Rags-A-Gogo record store, and another at Strand Book Store. How can someone acquire your type of everyday style? “That’s kind. It comes from years of trial and error. I dress to express myself.  I wear what makes me happy and feel confident. If you mix and match the clothes that you own, your options are limitless.”

Nicole Windram with friend at the Strand Book Store. Photo by: Jack Khan

You have a near obsession with independent bookstores. Which are your favorites“Bookstores are remarkable in that there’s something there for everyone. They are places where you’re among people having completely different experiences but all to do with books. My favorites are Rizzoli, Strand Book StoreMercer Street Books and RecordsPrinted Matter, and The Bookmark Shoppe in Brooklyn near where I grew up.”

Nicole Windram’s favorite titles

What books are on your night table? “I just purchased ‘Accidentally Wes Anderson‘ by Wally Koval. I’m a huge Wes Anderson fan. I’m also reading ‘Normal People’ by Sally Rooney and then “What A Time to be Alone” by Chidera Eggerue and ‘The Body Keeps Score’ by Bessel van der Kolk. They’re not all on my night table; I use the New York Public Library app for renting books.”

Nicole Windram’s reversible bathing suit

What class assignment has brought you the most joy? “Last semester in Childrenswear Niche Market class with Prof. Barbara Segio, I made a reversible bathing suit that could be worn in different ways. It was my first project using mixed media to present it. Having real life elements interact with 2D art is an exciting concept.”

Tea and Honey Cabinet

What’s your caffeine intake like? “At home we have an entire cabinet of teas and honeys. I start my morning with Earl Grey. Later in the day I have a matcha latte that I make with almond milk and locally sourced honey from Andrew’s Honey.”

Crystals & Gemstones

Is there an object in your workspace that gives you inspiration? “I have gemstones and crystals around me when I “create art. They remind me how infinitely inspiring nature is. I have amethyst, rose quartz and hematite on me right now.”

The current issue of Blush Magazine, “The Vital Issue,” features Nicole Windram’s styling for “Feel Good Fashion. Blush Magazine is a student-led publication that began in 2013. It covers topics related to fashion, beauty and culture. Throughout COVID-19, it is being published in digital format only, otherwise it is available in both print and digital formats. Over 60 members contribute their writing, styling, modeling, makeup, graphic design, and print layout skills to Blush. Follow on Twitter: @blushmagfit and IG: @blushmagfit 

To follow Nicole Windram on Instagram go to: @nicolewindram and @hausofwindram.

To learn more about the Fashion Design program go to: FashionDesignFIT

All images curtesy of Nicole Windram.

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