Enchanting High Art Earns Recognition

Oscar Yohe Tapia is a finalist among thousands of entries from more than 60 countries in the High Art competition this year. He is a student in Illustration Professor Anthony Freda’s Advanced Pictorial Problem Solving class. Tapia’s entry started as a class assignment.

“Little One” by Oscar Yohe Tapia

Tapia’s digital creation, “Little One,” is a colorful fantasy “that brings to mind the fluid line, psychedelic palette and organic forms of the great [visual artist] James Jean” says Prof. Freda.

“Entering competitions is an important way for artists and illustrators to promote their work and broaden their brand recognition,” said Prof. Freda. “For instance, we help and encourage students to enter the Society of Illustrators student competition.

Freda is always on the alert for contests for his students to enter to get used to promoting their work.

“Serenity” by Wei-Lun-Lin

Freda came across the High Art competition via Juxtapoz and entered it himself last year; it is open to both professional and amateur artists.

“The highly creative and open theme of the contest, and the fact that it is free to enter, made it a great learning opportunity,” said Freda. “They can practice entering contests, have their work seen on a widely shared forum and create a compelling work for their portfolio.” There also is $50,000 in prize money.

“Sanctuary” by Lee Cassara

“The students were excited about the project and dove into the work. I was familiar with the contest. My work was included among the finalists last year, so I was able to help guide them towards creating imagery that would stand out to the judges,” says Prof. Freda.

“They all came up with clever concepts and worked diligently on their final art. One student created a stunning piece that I knew was a contender,” says Prof. Freda of Tapia’s creation. “This is a sophisticated piece of work. The honor is well deserved.”

Images used with permission

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