Students Shape Pellon for Macy’s Far-Out Flower Show

One might think that Pellon, a stiff fabric usually used for linings, might have limited design options. Not so. In Prof. Susanna Moyer’s class students had no trouble crafting wildly diverse designs that captured the outer space theme of this year’s Macy’s Flower Show. Here’s what several students themselves said about their work.

Victoria Oxer

Victoria Oxer’s inspiration came from how stars shoot out in space in different directions. “Hence,” she says ” the burnt out jacquard blue fabric. I wanted to have the floral effect in my design since it is the Macy’s Flower Show. So I hand-glued each and every purple and blue rose inspired organza-silk flower on the front-back meeting at the side seam. I also got inspiration for how stars appear in the galaxy and twinkle in the moonlight, therefore I hand-glued strings of lights to mimic that experience.”

Wan-Yun Tung

Wan-Yun Tung’s theme was Zero Gravity “The whole universe looks still but everything is actually slightly floating. Water ink shows the float of beauty and the serenity of the universe. However, behind the calmness, the magnificence is way beyond description. That’s how my universe is like.” Her design includes aluminum, beads and water ink.

Sara Sagsveen

Alexis Croker-Benn’s project (below) was inspired by a fictional international space station flower goddess. “As a flower space goddess.”

Alexis Croker-Benn

Says Alexis “It was important for her to have a long silhouette and a big dramatic train.” The theme Alexis picked was grey-zero gravity. “The shape I created that seems to stick out — as well as the large floating train — really speaks volumes to the zero gravity inspiration. I sprayed painted my whole project. Also I created an additional hat to go with the garment. To make the hat I used the technique of paper maché.”

Jaclynn Polzer

“I was inspired by terrace farming, and its step-like attributes in contrast to rolling hills, says Jaclynn Polzer. “I combined this concept with the idea of a satellite garden. The “garden” is an upside corkscrew as there is no right side up in space.”

The Pellon Trio

Mary Sagsveen, Derek Knodt, and Claudia Rojek for Team Lunar Landing!

Students picked a shape as a motif and played with scale and size to create a unique silhouette. Each color symbolizes one of the themes of the show. Red as antimatter, blue/purple as shining stars, yellow as big bang, white as lunar landing, pink as interstellar explorer, grey/silver as zero gravity and peach as comet couture.

Brooke Ulman

Brooke Ulman’s Pellon project was inspired by a cracked-open geode. “I wanted to be inspired by something very metallic and intriguing. I dyed the crystals, glued string lights behind them, spray painted and sponge painted the base dress with a rock texture and hand painted the geode rings.”

Niyomi Shah

Niyomi Shah was inspired by an upside-down dress silhouette. “I have created a cape. I made alien-looking flowers using Pellon. The white sprinkle paint on the flowers shows the galaxy effect on my garment. The cape is paired with a skirt.”

Rebecca Kreamer

Says Rebecca Kreamer “I was inspired by the beauty of flowers and used nature’s design to layer the petals. The shades of the bodice balance the softness of the skirt and peach sweetness.”

Ashua Moogi

Says Ashua Moogi, “When the ice comes, it locks the dust within its tubular grasp. Beneath it lies. The gardens of satellite, frozen clusters, immersed in dust and ice.”

Wearing Pellon

Several students were ready to take off into space. Derek Knodt outfitted Claudia Rojekout for a lunar landing.

“My students were passionate and excited about participating in the Flower Show design competition!” says Prof. Moyer. “It fulfills the Shape Project that is built into the Advanced Draping class. The project jump-started the semester and has continued with the development AAS exhibit garment. I am proud of my students’ dedication to their work.”

Outfitted in Pellon

Jaclynn Polzer ready to strut the Flower Show and for terrace farming!

Ten Fashion Design sections (approx. 250 students) created designs for the Pellon as part of a class assignment.  One look was chosen, per class, for each of seven themes.

Seven final Fashion Design students’ Pellon creations were chosen for the Macy’s Flower Show and three on the floor for a Macy’s Spring/Trend event. They are on display at the Herald Square store until April 7.  Student Pellon designs are also on display in the Fred Pomerantz Art and Design Center lobby.

Photos by Rachel Ellner

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