Making the holidays equal for everyone

Friday evening brought together over 100 student gingerbread-house builders and decorators. Before the end of the evening their sweet, tasty homes got packaged up to be delivered to Partnership for the Homeless.

“Today is about making the holiday equal for everyone,” said Volunteer Event Coordinator Deborah Payton-Jones.

Volunteer Coordinator Deborah Payton-Jones, center, surrounded by students with the gingerbread houses
“Seeing and hearing table after table of all of our FIT students, from all the Schools, working, decorating and laughing together, was the best present of this season for me,” said School of Art and Design Associate Dean Melanie Reim.

“It’s fun seeing how many students want to help others,” said Marty Sullivan, Director of Student Organizations.

Tiahna English, Zhudiang Yao and Jessica Jakobsson

“I grew up in Sweden but this is my first time making a gingerbread house as a volunteer project. It’s nice to give back,” said Jessica Jakobsson, a Home Products Development major.

Noah Plofker and Welmis Gutierrez

“It’s a two in one, having fun and helping making gingerbread houses for charity,” says Advertising and Marketing student Noah Plofker.

Student gingerbread house designers at work

“The event brought a big smile to my face and a bigger sense of pride,” said Associate Dean Reim.

On Saturday a holiday party was held at FIT for gingerbread house recipients.  Families were also treated to holiday gifts and lunch. “It was fun,” says Yon Hee Allen, a student volunteer and Illustration major. “We had music playing. The best part was the kids–they danced and ran around the gym!”

Photos: Rachel Ellner

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