For Raissa Oliveira-Silva, a #ChalkFIT drawing imitates a viral sensation

There’s no better place to state your claim about  cultural domination than on the 7th Avenue in New York City.

A 3X6-foot chalk representation of the meme “Chloe” by Illustration senior Raissa Oliveira-Silva is still going through finishing touches on the outside wall of FIT.  Photos of Oliveira-Silva’s work have been posted to social media causing a second viral wave, and attracting the notice of Chloe’s mother.

“Chloe,” by Raissa Oliveira-Silva

“This really proves my point. Social media is taking over the world,” says Oliveira-Silva, with brush in hand. Hers is one of nearly 50 chalk drawings that are part of #ChalkFIT that address the theme “Innovation.”

A YouTube video of Chloe and her sister become an internet  sensation shortly after being posted in September 12, 2013. It was then picked up as a popular meme.

In the YouTube video Chloe’s mom, Katie Clem, suggests to her two young daughters that they “ditch” school and go to Disneyland. One daughter is so happy she cries. But Chloe looks .

If you can be unmoved by going to Disneyland before having outgrown a car seat, you can own the world. Or at least with social media, you can attain beyond 15 minutes of fame.

“Katie Clem, Khloe’s mom, has been in touch with me and loves it. She’s commenting and posting the image on social media,” says Prof. Shefelman who assigned and is overseeing ChalkFIT .

To see more chalk images follow our Twitter account @FIT_artdesign.

Photo: Rachel Ellner

Jacob Morse helped with the reporting for this post.

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