The Dreams That I Gave Her: Text to Photograph

Often it’s writers who work from “prompts,” such as phrases or anecdotes, that spark a creative output. For photography professor Jessica Wynne, a poem from an anonymous writer yielded a poignant photograph, “How Mourning Goes.”

“How Mourning Goes,” by Jessica Wynne
“How Mourning Goes,” by Jessica Wynne

Wynne’s work will be on display at New York Art Residency and Studios (NARS) Foundation in Brooklyn from January 24 to February 20. The exhibit, “The Dreams That I Gave Her,” is part of a collaboration among New York City based writers, musicians and visual artists.

“The direction from the curators [Kelli Burton and Yulia Topchiy] was to interpret the writing any way I wished,” says Wynne. “The writing really resonated with me.  The poem is about going to a funeral. I saw it as being connected to a larger series of work I’m doing about family and early and late stages of life.”

"Ella in the grass," by Jessica Wynne
“Ella in the grass,” by Jessica Wynne

As part of the exhibition, weekly live readings and performances by the writers and bands will held at Entwine’s wine-bar and Beverly’s a bar exhibition space in New York City.

The opening reception for “The Dreams That I Gave Her,” is January 24, from 6-9 pm. NARS Foundation is located at 201 46th Street, 4th Fl., Brooklyn. Gallery hours are Monday-Friday, noon to 5 pm. For more information go to: NARS Foundation.

Photos used with permission

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