A BFA Fair to Remember

There was a lot of meeting and greeting yesterday between perspective BFA students and representatives from the departments of Art & Design.  There were also Admissions, Registrar, and School of Liberal Arts officials in attendance, all to help third semester AAS students identify their Art and Design futures.

Fashion Design Department’s team:  Prof. Lisa Feuerherm, director of study abroad program in Milan, Chair Colette Wong and Prof. Karen Scheetz.

Prof. Larry Langham, undistracted by superhero action, discussing the Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design major.

Terry Blum, Director and Prof. Kathy Neely talk Computer Animation and Interactive Media with  perspective students.

Talking ad design with professors Birgit Schwarz-Hickey and Joe Stalluppi.

 Chair Sarah Mullins talking boots, bags and bangles, and how to apply to the Accessories Design Department.

Advertising design student reps talking shop.

Lots of good communicating from the Communications Department.

 Chair Suzanne Anoushian on hand to listen and to advise.

Always time for a glam shot with Sara Petitt from Fabric Styling.

Questions were answered truthfully, whether or not you wore Abe Lincolns on your sleeve.   

For application information please go to Admissions.

Photos: Rachel Ellner

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