Show in Milan is a “runaway” success

No style-conscious person comes back underdressed from Italy.  For fashion students studying in Milan, fantasies like these led to winning designs:  A wedding dress for a funeral made of tied-together men’s shirts, adorable toddler rain gear and gladiator-styled leather-woven dress. The 2013 Future of Fashion Milan student graduate collection was a runway success from all directions.  Here are looks from the catwalk followed by snapshots of  FIT in Milan’s student designers, intensely engaged in studies and show preparation.

From above, a hand-dyed blue and white”point” stitch tunic over print leggings.

Catherine Quirk’s “The Fractal Face of Chaos”

Coming down the aisle alone.  A groomless wedding.  A Widow’s Wedding dress, from hand sewn, recycled cotton shirts.

Maria Vaz’s “1+1=1”

 Otherwise known as patchwork, “Quite the Contrary”  is a woven-like wool and silk menswear suit.

Michael Majello’s “Quite the Contrary”

And then came the “Dream,” a taupe long-sleeved, silk and transparent knit with chiffon side inserts. 

Sydney Roark’s “Dream”
The lineup. Taking the scabbiness out of rainy days. From left to right: a black slicker with grey trim and bow detail over original bike print legging;  White wool hooded cape over silk bike print pleated dress;  Black trimmed transparent rain cape over cotton bow top an soft pleat skirt. 
Alexis Drattell’s “A Black and White Day”

Take me to the Colosseum. Woven leather paneled dress with capped shoulder armor and pegged pleated hip. (Sword not included).

Manuela Ocampo’s “Gray Shadows”

Turning her back in style.  The white cotton”point” stitch dress. “They look like delightful like mini volcanoes or little dimensional pyramids,” said one viewer.

Catherine Quirk’s “Fractal Face of Chaos”  

The lead-up. A look back:

Knitwear students Sydney Roark, Kourtney Hankins and Catherine Quirk working with electric knitting technician Julianna Manfredi. 
Swatches: 4th year knitwear students work with Prof. Ornella Bignami
Fourth year children’s wear student Alexis Drattell’s design. Preparing for the runway.
Fourth year sportswear student Michael Maiello responds to critic Debora Sinibaldi
Fourth year student Catherine Quirk making refinements with Prof. D’lessandro


Runway photos: Lab foto, Politecnico di Milano

Student photos:  Lisa Feuerherm

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