Knight in crocheted armor

When Communication Design student Paola Pachon isn’t stressing over homework assignments, like coding websites for Web Design class and getting crafty with 3D design projects, her quick fingers don’t stop.   For her boyfriend Michael Sheron’s 21st birthday, Pachon designed and crocheted a knight’s helmet.  Sheron, a SUNY Farmingdale programming student, gets loads of comments on it. He especially enjoys the visor, which he can raise, lower or remove.  “I love it because my girlfriend made it especially for me,” says Sheron.  “People stop and tell me all the time that it’s cool.”

Michael Sheron’s mug shot. Crocheted knight’s helmet

Sheron’s favorite video game is League of Legends.  He also enjoys other “role playing games” where he can play a knight. “He’s obsessed with knights,” says Pachon. “I got inspiration from a crocheted baby’s knight outfit on Etsy.”

This was Pachon’s first crocheted item. She relied on help from “La Madre,” her grandmother in New Jersey. The self-taught La Madre, says Pachon, is  a master of  intricate knitted and crocheted designs.

A crocheted helmet made with help from La Madre

“Now everyone is asking me for hats,” says Pachon.  Sheron’s father and two brothers all want ones of their own.

“Random people are complimenting me. I feel awesome because of it,” says Sheron.

Pachon is clearly tapping into a trend.  Photo: Rachel Ellner

Pachon’s response to this design featured in the FIT’s 2013 Future of Fashion Show: “Knitted knight-wear is clearly the way of the future!”

But for Pachon, Sheron is her one and only true knight.  “He’s my knight in crocheted armor,” she says.


Hat photos provided by: Michael Sheron


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3 Responses to Knight in crocheted armor

  1. Tina Swift says:

    I love the crocheted knight’s helmet. Can you help me make the one ?

  2. Rachel Ellner says:

    Paola says she did not follow a patter but had the help of her grandmother. She says it starts off as a circle the shape of a yamaka and you shape it from there.

  3. Looks nice unique design for the cold winters here in the North

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