Hurricane Sandy photography to benefit artists’ relief

Two FIT photographer professors, Allison Wermager and Tim Soter, are participants in The New York Photo Festival presentation SANDY: Devastation, Document, Drive, a “visual document” of  Hurricane Sandy at the Powerhouse Arena in Brooklyn.  All proceeds from the exhibit benefit artists who have had their work spaces, homes and lives upturned by Hurricane Sandy.

photo by Allison Wermager

“I was on (a photography) assignment for the Daily Mail covering Hurricane Sandy’s affects just days after the storm hit Staten Island,” says Prof. Soter. “It was obviously a human interest piece as the writer talked to a mother who had just returned from the funeral of her husband and son. ”

photo by Tim Soter

Soter says he prefered to photograph the environments without people. “The viewers can place themselves in the situation a little easier and I think the devastation is so clear, that most viewers would connect with it immediately.”

photos by Tim Soter

Soter’s assignment put him in direct contact with fellow New Yorkers. “It’s really much different than watching coverage on the television or through the internet.”

The exhibit runs through March 1, 2013.  The Powerhouse Arena is located at 37 Main Street in Brooklyn. The gallery, boutique, bookstore, performance and events space is open weekdays from: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekends 11 a.m.  – 7 p.m. 


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