Chanel Mehyo becoming fearless

“Natural, instinctual and quick” is how fine arts student Chanel Mehyo describes her chalk pastels, charcoal and acrylic paint drawings that appear in the Junior BFA “Selections” exhibition in the Pomerantz Building lobby. Mehyo completed the series in experimental drawing class, taught by Prof. Stephanie DeManuelle, chair of fine arts. The class says Mehyo “helped me become more fearless.”

“You can see in Chanel’s work what an amazing sense of color she has. Her whole shape sensitivity is also amazing,” says DeManuelle. “She uses really beautiful color juxtapositions.

Chanel Mehyo chalk and acrylic drawings

“Chanel uses dry and wet media, charcoal, acrylic paint and chalk. It’s the impulse of the project to develop a vocabulary that is used throughout the series with mixed media, ” says DeManuelle, who encourages students to explore contemporary drawing techniques. “Students are meant to develop multiple works using similar strategies in each of the pieces.”

Chanel Mehyo’s series cont.

Mehyo wants to continue her studies post graduation to become an art therapist.

The Selections exhibit will be on display until January 28, 2013.


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