A birdseye view of Thanksgiving

And what was interior design student Hayley Cavagnolo doing while her family was gathering for Thanksgiving and her mother the gourmand directing dinner preparations in the kitchen? She was surveying the dinner table from above for the right shots for her “space, time and light” project for her interior design photography class with Prof. Brad Farwell (PH404).

photo: Hayley Cavaghnolo

Despite being “deathly afraid of heights,” Hayley teetered from her perch undaunted. “I was standing on a chair. It was looking like it was going to break so I borrowed a ladder from the garage. I brought it through the kitchen where everyone was cooking.” After capturing this shot on her Canon Rebel at 1/60 second at F4.5, ISO 800 “I jumped onto my sister on the way down.” Thanks sis, from all of us, but you had something more to do with this.

photo: Hayley Cavagnolo

“My sister Caitlin minored in photography in college. She gave me the idea of the birds-eye view,” said Hayley. With one more round of pie remaining and daylight gone, she took her next shot at 1/40 second at F/3.5, ISO 3200 to show the change of lighting.  (The lens was set at 18 mm for both shots.) The leftover pie suggests how satiated everyone was.

“I’ll drop out of interior design and join photography,” joked Hayley after receiving positive feedback on her project.

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