Yecca Zeng champions the Chancellor’s Award

It requires some poking around and some leading questions to find out the extent of the awards, scholarships, internships and leadership recognitions Yecca Zeng (’12) received on the way toward her BFA in fashion design.  The short list: presidential scholar,  outstanding draping design, BFA runway show apparel designs, student ambassador, VP of the Intimate Apparel Club, peer tutor. Most notably, she’s a recipient of the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence 2012.

Yecca strongly urges students to apply for is the Chancellor’s Award 2013.  She graciously answered questions about the application process, and where her suitcase full of accomplishments led her.

DEADLINE ALERT:  Applications for SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence 2013 due November 30.

Yecca Zeng

Photo:  FIT photography student Erin Glover

A&D: What made you decide to apply for the Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence?

Yecca: I have always been a bit of an overachiever, and felt this award was created to recognize over achievement!  The application was not at all difficult. It only asks for a detailed list of accomplishments, both small and large. I figured, why not?

A&D:  What type of student is best suited to win?

Yecca: Anyone who pursued many different goals and succeeded. I just barely made the cut at 3.7 (GPA), and I think it is very fair.

Yecca’s latest wedding dress

Photo: JJ Mendoza

A&D: What was your mindset as an FIT student?

Yecca: From my first semester term garment to my final senior thesis, I took risks and finished complicated projects in the nick of time. I also pushed myself to overload on extra classes (both liberal and artistic) and participate in a barrage of activities. I was constantly exhausted because of my crazy schedule. There were definitely some bad test results. That never stopped me from trying to learn more, and discover new skills and ideas. I met some amazing people that I never would have if I had just stayed in the required fashion design course path.

This award is not about getting the highest grade in the class. It’s about getting the most out of everything college has to offer.

Yecca’s Femmy Gala award-winning design in Best of Intima magazine. 

Photo: Andrei Jackamets

A&D:   Do you think employers take notice of this award?

Yecca: I think it certainly doesn’t hurt. It’s given to just a handful of students and it’s a way to differentiate yourself from other job hunters.

A&D:  Tell us a bit about your work at American Eagle.

Yecca: Currently I work full time as an assistant bra designer for aerie. It’s quite interesting how much my duties change as a designer in the real world. I spend over half the day communicating between all the different hands involved in the creation of a product.  But the best part is I have evenings and weekends to enrich my life however I wish.

Yecca Zeng’s intimate apparel design chosen for the BFA runway show 2012

Yecca cont:  Back in college with all those sleep-deprived nights, when I was taking 15-minute naps every other day and drowsily riding the subway home 2 a.m. every night, I’d wonder to myself: Is it really worth it? Will I even find a job? And it is so incredibly rewarding, knowing that everything I work on now, is being produced and sold to millions.

Click here to download application for the Chancelor’s Award for Student Excellence 2013

Visit Yecca Zeng’s website


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