A storyteller by trade, Anne Kong honored

Professor Anne Kong is in the news again, but this time the splash is all about her.  Kong was recently chosen by readers of a top design, architecture and marketing magazine DDI, as a 2012 Portfolio Award winner.  Kong was among eight others including architect John Bricker and author Paco Underhill who received the award. 

Anne Kong is the recipient of DDI magazine’s Portfolio Award

Asked by DDI to describe her design philosophy Kong said  “It has always been larger than life, which is why I love working on large-scale projects. I am a storyteller by trade and my exaggerations coincide with my personal style…I enjoy the challenge of pushing my design sensibilities into the uncomfortable realm. I am passionate about working collaboratively and seek out partnerships that can advance a process or experience. I see endless opportunities to create visual engagement.”

In June, Prof. Kong and 12 visual presentation and design students participated in DDI’s Student Window Challenge. The daylong window-dressing event was held at Saks Fifth Avenue’s Fifth Avenue flagship store and ended with an awards presentation hosted by DDI and Saks.


photo used with permission


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