Student ambassadors take to the campus

FIT’s student ambassadors are no itty-bitty welcoming committee.  The 85 ambassadors serve as role models and help incoming students get oriented.  The ambassadors are easily recognizable by their “I  ♥ FIT” T-shirts.

“Last week we welcomed the freshmen and this week we’re welcoming everyone,” says student ambassador and FMM major Caroline Ray.  “We do things that promote the school in fun ways,” says  fashion design major Hillary Higginbotham. 

Student ambassadors Caroline Ray & Hillary Higginbotham

“We’re interested in interacting with students and getting them to love FIT as much as we do,” says Ms. Higginbotham. “Right now students are taking photos with their phones of crazy stuff  [like wearing the available boas and psychedelic sunglasses]  and tweeting them to our Facebook student ambassador page. “

Students also enjoyed making s’mores (without the campfire) in the Breezeway (between the A and B buildings) on Wednesday. “I’m a little bit excited and a little bit nervous,” said illustration freshman Janene Wardley as she prepared a s’more.

There are tie-dye, beach volleyball and Game Room activities planned for Thursday 8/30, and Friday 8/31.

Janene Wardley enjoying a s'amore

 “The role of student ambassadors has evolved over the last couple years,” says student counselor Teri Rosenberg. Not only do ambassadors serve as orientation leaders, they also plan events throughout the year “to keep new students connected and supported,” says Rosenberg. 

To find out more about student ambassadors go to: Department of Student Life

photos: Rachel Ellner


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