Eozen Agopian’s painting and thread works

Eozen Agopian has traversed many artistic mediums since the precision work she did as an AAS (’87) student in Graphic Design.  Many of her mixed medium canvases combine abstract painting, needlepoint, shimmering shapes, and downpours of cascading treads. Tantalizing to the eye, there is nothing still or stagnant to her imaginative work, which is now on view at the Lesley Heller Workspace on 54 Orchard Street through July 6.

Eozen Agopian at the Lesley Heller Workspace on Orchard St.  photo: Rachel Ellner

“After FIT I could see things differently. I could see the lines, shapes, forms, in architecture and my surroundings.  Education trains your eye, and design becomes more specific.  From my education in graphic design I learned how to be precise,” says Agopian who went on to get her MFA from Pratt Institute.

"Flutter" by Eozen Agopian

“I have this attachment to fabric and threads. I thought it was because I grew up in Greece,” says Agopian who has duel citizenship. “I used to do needlework growing up but I’d get bored and go to the margins and do my own thing. I’d always thought that my experience at FIT was a lot about fabric. I’d see a lot of fashion design, so there’s a connection to that, and you can’t help notice the fabric stores in the area.”

“Fading Away” by Eozen Agopian

“It was better for me that I started in Graphic Design,” says Agopian. “To combine that with the freedom the fine arts and your own thoughts really intrigued me.”

"Red Thread" by Eozen Agopian

“I really loved FIT. It changed my life,” says Agopian.

For more about the artist, visit her website: EozenAgopian.com

photos of Eozen Agopian’s work courtesy of Lesley Heller Workplace.


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  1. I appreciate the insight into Agopian’s background, especially her connection to Greece and her childhood experiences with needlework. It’s always interesting to see how an artist’s personal history and cultural background inform their creative process. I think this article does a great job of showcasing Agopian’s incredible talent and highlighting the impact that education can had on her artistic vision.

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