Well-Clad Mannequins Inhabit the D Lobby

Their outfits started out as scrap metal, door hinges,  pennies,  colorful wire. No one could have expected that yellow balloons and little orange men would have helped matters much. But the dolls look spectacular, each one carried away with herself in a whole different way…Sadly, they’ll be leaving us soon.

Luis Colon beside the mannequin he worked on with Alyssa Cammarata
When we last stopped in on  the Visual Presentation & Exhibition Design Studio Design class, students had recently been assigned a color and a material type out of which to create a look for their mannequin (see previous post).
Luis & Prof. Anne Kong securing a necklace

 “This is the finale, the installation of an in-class production,” said Prof. Anne Kong, of the mannequin invasion of D lobby. “It’s a 15-week experience in learning to handle a mannequin by standards that are acceptable to industry.”

“Putting together the exhibit (of 22 projects) was a whole other work of art,” said Prof. Costantini. “We worked well together. It doubles the impact of each individual mannequin if it’s placed right. It’s a matter of arranging it in a way that’s visually intriguing.”

Selam & Dean Arbuckle, of the School of Art & Design, looking impressed
a long way up for this young viewer
Isabella & Emily sweeten up a Prada handbag
Passengers and passerbys vie for window time

“They’re coming from Boston. What’s the first thing they see? Your mannequins. It’s the first whiff they get of New York,” Prof. Constantini told her students, referring to the busloads of Megabus riders who get let off at 27th & 7th Ave.

 Alyssa Cohen adjusts a headpiece
making further adjustments
Sarah Kang with her masterpiece



Meredith Posner & Emily Plasseman arrange a bundle of yellow balloons

“If a student went to work at Bergdorfs or at a boutique downtown they would have to comply with the standards of how to work with mannequins, whether high-level luxury brand or a pop-up shop,” explained Professor Kong, who worked with design students on the project.

Prof. Mary Costantini adjusts a headpiece constructed of pennies.

Alongside each mannequin is a explanation of how color lures consumers to products worn by the mannequins. It will lure you too.

Jennifer Park and Kaiyi Xu beside their hand-crafted birdcage skirt


Mannequin & Her Bird Cage
Steven Brown

photos: Rachel Ellner

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