Tea Time with Wendy Yothers

Wendy Yothers’ silver and engraved glass, “Baba Yagga’s Teapots for brewing Light and Dark Spells,” were deemed bewitching enough to join the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s permanent collection last year.  Now the FIT professor’s latest teapot designs will be on exhibit at the Hot Tea Bienniale, an invitation only exhibit  at the Craft Alliance in St. Louis, March 9-April 22. 

“Rain Forest Teapot,” made of rain forest woods and deer antlers. 

“She’s just phenomenal. She’s a sculptor and an artist. Her teapots are beautiful. They’re contemporary realization of ancient skills,” says FIT Jewelry Design Chair Michael Coan”

Artists are chosen for the Hot Tea Bienniale with a two-year lead time–plenty of time for inspiration to brew.  “I loved re-thinking teapots and tea to create new work, ” says Yothers. “Everything I make is inspired by its function–its use in daily human society.”

“Teapot 1” for the Hot Tea Bienniale in St. Louis

Yothers hasn’t made tea in her teapots, but says they are all “tea-worthy.”  “Most people would rather look at them than use them.” Her own preference is  for a good cup of fresh brewed tea. But “tea bags are fine if that’s what’s available,” she says.

“Teapot 2” for the Teapot Biennial in St. Louis

Yothers’ pair of tea caddys she made for the Bienniale were constructed from camoe engraved glass, silver, a pearl, and a black Tahitian pearl. 

“Teapots for brewing Light and Dark Spells,” in the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Yothers, a silversmith by trade, makes, designs, and restores teapots.  “It’s not my first rodeo with tea vessels, sacred and profane,” she says.

Images used with permission


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