Tempting us with Temptress Truffle Popcorn

For Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design Professor Veronica Romano, “presentation and packaging is everything.”   Except that Romano has a discernible palate, and an herb garden in her backyard, so what’s inside has to taste great too.

Veronica Romano with Temptress Truffle Popcorn

The excellently packaged and deliciously tasting Temptress Truffle Popcorn is a product right out of Professor Romano’s kitchen and garden.

“Just making popcorn one night for friends, loving truffle oil, and wanting to create a popcorn that was healthy and not full of fat,” is how Romano describes the origins of Temptress Truffle Popcorn.

Temptress Truffling

“I brought it to the PAVE board meeting and we served it with Godiva truffles. We had a truffle party!” says Romano who also treats her students and the Art & Design staff to her gourmet popcorn.
























From garden to kitchen to presentation











“I get inspired by materials I have around,” says the wonderfully obsessed Romano describing her cone-shaped, snowflake-designed, parchment paper packaging. Romano put to use a snowflake stamp she and her students received at the Martha Stewart Show as well as her corporate holiday gift stamp. “I like working with available resources that I have at hand, and things from nature. There’s so much around us that we can use.”

photos by Rachel Ellner w/ photo styling help from Anne Kong

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  1. Meredith Perkins says:

    I have had this and it is DELICIOUS!!! Veronica is so creative.

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