A big mention for Oded Hirsch

“Crafty, nostalgic, highly inefficient yet still somehow emancipatory and sublime––provides an apt metaphor for the exhibition” — is how art critic Kaelen Wilson-Goldie describes Oded Hirsch’s  bridge, the center piece in his video “Tochka.”

Hirsch, a staff member in the Photography department, received favorable mention for the video in ArtForum, the  international magazine that specializes in contemporary art. “Tochka” is part of the exhibition “The Workers,” currently on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Adams, MA.

“I feel lucky, especially since it’s very warm words from a prominent art publication,” says Hirsch.

"Bridge Cross" by Oded Hirsch

Wilson-Goldie hailed the piece as one of the most successful in the show.  “One of the more striking pieces in this ten-month-long exhibition on the pleasures, sorrows, and increasingly precarious conditions of work, Tochka also offers the most poetic interpretation of the show’s multiple and competing themes.”

"Pushers" by Oded Hirsch

Hirsch’s exhibit is on display until March 15, 2012. For more information: go to:  MASS MoCA


photos provided by Oded Hirsch

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