Tara in Paris and Italy

To preserve and make public her memories of  Paris and Italy this summer, Tara Ricci, 1 of 17 students in Professor Markus’s CL131 class, filled her travel blog with engaging posts and photos taken with a point-and-shoot camera. Tara’s blog, Design Project: France & Italy, records a tour de fashion experience par excellence.

“It was astonishing to see the fine pleat work created by hand and the mastery of the fabric manipulation to create form, silhouette and a woman’s shape,” writes Tara. “Madame Gres would drape the fabric upon a woman’s body to create a garment specifically for her customer.”

A Fashion Design Children’s Wear major,  Tara details  the “stunning and amazing costumes” at the Palazzo Morando, touring Lesage, the embroidery atelier owned by Chanel,  a trip to Lake Como (“a sight to see”) in-between appointments at Ratti and the Silk Museum. A visit to the flea markets in Paris with vintage Valentino, Fendi, Ferragamo, Chanel and Oscar de la Renta — all for an asking price  a little too high. (“I could not have been more proud of myself for putting down a ring that cost seventy-five euro,” she blogged.)

Then on to Versailles, where “everything gold glistened in the light,” a walking tour of Le Marais, and industry appointments at Pierre Cardin museum, Nelly Rodi, Promostyl and Trend Union.

They even managed to learn to make delicious delicacies from each country–macaroons in Paris, and gnocchi and pesto in Florence.

Visit Tara’s blog: Design Project: France & Italy: http://riccibytararicci.tumblr.com/

Photos by Tara Ricci used w/ permission

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