Photo Book Exhibit in D-Lobby

It just got easier to get published if you’re a member Curtis Willocks’ Photo Club or Introduction to Digital Photography course.  In fact, publishing an e- photo book is a class assignment, making this exhibit currently on view in the D lobby a rather professional collection of homework assignments.

Timothy Colose, author of “The Journey: Ten Days Around America”

“Most people take a thousand pictures in one photo shoot, put them on their computer and hardly look at them again,” says Timothy Colose, a member of the Photo Club and recent BFA photography grad.  “People put a value on a book. They’ll pour over it in a way they wouldn’t on a screen. You can feel the cover, the pages. The book even has a smell. That’s something you don’t get enough of in the modern world.”

Colose’s book “The Journey: Ten Days Around America,” is the culmination of photographs taken on a 10-day trip around the perimeter of the U.S.  It was a time when Beth, his girlfriend  “bonded with the cat,” jokes Colose.

“It’s a great project Prof. Willocks tells Colose about his work. “But I wouldn’t stop. I’d take a refined version and hit different countries.”

Brandon Brinkley, a summer school student in fashion & photography, peruses photo books in D lobby.
Adrian Saich making the rounds of photo books in the D Lobby

The book themes are diverse — portrait, self-portrait, nature, family documentation, self-expression. “Look at this book,” says Willocks pointing to one called “Learn How to Swim.”  “There’s another on Windgate Park in Flatbush.”  The student book author “went in and talked to gang members. It took time but she persuaded them to talk to her.”

Colose  says his e-book gives him a greater presence professionally. “This can go on a resume or cover letter. Having a book makes it part of the world.”

The D lobby at FIT is located on the ground floor of the D building at the corner of 27 St & 7th Avenue. The e-photo book exhibit remains on display through August 2011.

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