Black History Month–photos, controversy, conversation

“Discussions about ‘blackness’ continue to be provocative,” noted Dr. Erika Massaquoi, Assistant Dean of the School of Art & Design in opening remarks at Spring 2010 Dean’s Dialog,  “Beyond Black History: Multicultural Trends in Photo Documentary Practice.”

blog1-scarville-053photo: Keisha Scarville

The title was chosen to reflect on conversations of recent topics such as the film “Precious,” the play “Fela,” and anti-abortion messages of black children as “endangered species.”


Photo: Ozier Muhammad

The work of five photographers were presented, whose work embodies social and cultural complexities of difference.

use-candidate_obama_ohioPhoto: Ozier Muhammad

Discussion pertained to documentary works that present political, social, or historical subject matter in an informative manner.

essayOM19Photo: Ozier Muhammad

“Current conversations about ‘difference’ include the cultural impact of globalization, sexuality, nationhood, gender, freedom of expression, and social justice,” said Dr. Massaquoi.


Photo: Nan Goldin

amato0032Photo: Brassai

“I was able to identify one connecting visual theme,” said Dr. Massaquoi “and that is the use of the body—which is used creatively–to seek cultural autonomy, and to advance and raise consciousness.”

clifford_owens1Photo: Clifford Owens

use-scarville_keisha072photo: Keisha Scarville


Photo: Ozier Muhammad

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