Ryan Moakley Named FIT Student Association Manager of Networking & Alumni Relations

photoCongratulations on becoming the FIT Student Association’s Manager of Networking & Alumni Relations! Tell us about this role.
It’s a newly created role in the association that aims to connect students with alumni and professionals in the industry through various networking events. My position is very similar to Leah’s position as VP of Alumni Relations; however, she is on the executive board and my position is on the programming board. Essentially, I was given a budget to create events on campus and Leah will be my partner in crime! We’ll be collaborating on many events, including the Alumni Shadow Program.

What made you interested in this position?
I realized how important networking is and how it can impact your career. I wanted to give students the tools and opportunities to create connections they normally wouldn’t have.

What are some programs you plan on organizing to connect alumni and students?
I’m extremely excited to have Professor Joel Ehrlich speak during the fall. He was one of my professors here at FIT. I know that students could benefit from hearing from him as well as other alumni in the industry. Alumni can volunteer by signing up here.

From a student’s perspective, how important is the role of alumni in students’ success?
The role of alumni in students’ success is critical. Many of my professors at FIT are alumni and have provided me with great insight and opportunities I wouldn’t normally have access to.

What’s your major and expected grad year?
I’m currently enrolled in Fashion Merchandising Management. I plan to matriculate into Advertising Marketing Communications for my upper division and graduate in 2017!

Why did you choose FIT?
I toured so many schools during my high school career. None of those institutions had a reputation or opportunities like FIT. I wanted to immerse myself in the industry and FIT was clearly the perfect place to do so.

What are some of your favorite courses and professors so far?
I loved Contemporary Retail Manager with Professor Oliveri, Introduction to the Fashion Industry with Professor Shapiro, Advertising and Promotion with Professor Ehrlich. These professors truly influenced and impacted my education at FIT. I’m so grateful for it.

Are you part of other organizations or clubs aside from the student association? Any summer internships or jobs?
I’m also the Industry Liaison for the Merchandising Society. I’m heavily involved in the Merchandising Society and Style Shop. Over the summer, I worked as a Client Relations Specialist at Kate Spade and interned at Target 10, a niche-marketing firm that specialized in integrated marketing communications within the LGBT community. It was such a great experience.

What do you plan to do after graduating?
After graduation I plan to stay in New York. I’m currently living in Brooklyn, and I intend on remaining there. I hope to work in fashion PR, marketing or social media.

What message would you like to share with students interested in getting involved in your alumni programming?
Don’t expect anyone to hand you success on a silver platter. Get involved and leave your own legacy!


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