Alumni Spotlight: Stephanie Flor, Advertising and Marketing Communications ’12

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Beauty Has No Boundaries:

A Q&A with Makeup Artist and World Traveler Stephanie Flor


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Since graduating, Stephanie Flor (Advertising and Marketing Communications ’12) has visited over 16 countries documenting beauty rituals and traditions from different cultures on her blog, Around the World Beauty. The blog’s audience is quickly growing, and Flor was just featured in Glamour magazine’s September issue. We caught up with Stephanie to hear about her career as a makeup artist and world traveler, her insight about definitions of beauty from country to country, and some of her favorite beauty secrets.

First of all, congratulations on your piece in Glamour magazine’s September issue!
Thank you! The Make Your Mark piece is very exciting for me, and I’m thrilled to inspire other female entrepreneurs with my story.

You have a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, with the launch of your beauty blog and your travels. Tell us about the mission behind Around The World Beauty.
Through my travels and blog, it is my mission to keep beauty heritage alive and support women in connecting with their beauty roots. If you want to learn about your beauty heritage, click the country and you’ll learn about traditions, beauty stories, and also DIY recipes that you can use. It’s all about the reader walking away learning more about their culture as well as other cultures and wanting to share the beauty.

Have you always had a passion for beauty?
Since I was 13, I’ve had this passion and dreamt of being a makeup artist. I love the business of beauty. I love the transformation and the artistry of my peers.

What about travel?
Travel came later in life when I read a book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The book taught me to live in the now, think big and go for it.

Did someone inspire you to bring your love for beauty and travel together?
George Francisco, my political science instructor at FIT, inspired me to see the world, to think about empires, to explore cultures. He’s a world traveler, too, and I admired his sense of freedom.

That’s awesome!
Yes, a lot of the stories I constantly talk about on my blog are things I learned in his class. Aliens, Pyramids and Napoleon Bonaparte. I could go on and on!

What would you say, after exploring diverse cultures, defines beauty?
Beauty in discovering your roots is what defines beauty. Beauty is felt when you accept yourself and your gift to the world. In these countries, the women embody who they are. Beauty is in the culture, rituals and staying true to their customs.

Skin moisturizing mud in Ecuador
Skin moisturizing mud in Ecuador

Have you come across a particular beauty method that is completely different from yours?
I love being dark. But in Asia, light is always in. It’s what women aspire to. Skin bleaching in the Philippines is offered everywhere. I was intrigued by a full body bleach that was marketed in salon windows.

What are your beauty practices?
I live for shampoo with Manzanilla as it brightens my hair and facials using avocado and papaya. Culturally, being Latina is all about confidence in your body so hitting the gym and feeling good is my main beauty practice.

What advice would you give to someone interested in launching a blog?
I would say find your niche, your voice and go from there. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it has to be consistent.

Getting Face Painting in Peru's Sacred Valley by a Quecha Tribe member
Face Painting in Peru’s Sacred Valley by a Quecha Tribe member

Favorite item in your workspace: My Bite Beauty lipstick in Brick Red. When I need a power shot!

Most memorable country you visited: Ecuador

Favorite beauty secret: Coconut oil everywhere-organic and unrefined

Can’t-live-without beauty product: Lashes, lashes, lashes and black eyeliner

Song to get the day started: “Let’s Go” by Calvin Harris & Neyo

The next adventure: I partnered with Curious on Tanzania, an African tour company, to create a specialized trip to Tanzania all about beauty. We will be searching for beauty in the Safari, to the peak of Kilimanjaro, and visiting the Serengeti Tribe to learn about their beauty rituals. I’m also traveling to Japan to learn about Geisha beauty traditions.

Favorite DIY beauty tip: Milk + Tumeric + Chickpea Powder = removes darkness around the eyes! Watch Stephanie’s how-to video.

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