Leah Linnehan Named FIT Student Association VP of Alumni Affairs

leah linnenhan

The Office of Alumni Relations is pleased to begin working with Leah Linnehan, a first-year Fashion Merchandising Management student, who has been elected as Vice President of Alumni Affairs for the FIT Student Association (FITSA). We caught up with Leah and asked her about transferring to FIT, her community involvement, and her upcoming plans for strengthening the connection between alumni and students in the year ahead.

Congratulations on becoming the new FITSA VP of Alumni Affairs! How does it feel be a student body leader?
Thank you! It is such an honor to contribute to the student body at FIT and become the voice of 10,000 students. I’m excited to begin planning some events, connecting with alumni and hearing what students would like to see!

I understand you recently transferred to FIT. Tell us about that decision.
I began my college career at the University of Massachusetts Amherst as a political science major. However, after a semester, I quickly learned that my one-credit course, Fashion, Media, Culture and Style, was where my passion was. I decided to leave UMASS and attended Middlesex Community College, where I graduated in May 2012 with an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration. While searching for a school to continue my college education, I discovered that FIT would be the perfect fit.

Interesting shift inspired by a one-credit course!
Yes! Last fall, I started my one year Associates Program in Fashion Merchandising Management. Finally after three schools, I have found the one! I will graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in May 2016.

Are you in other organizations or clubs aside from the student association?
Aside from the FIT Student Association, I am involved with the Merchandising Society at FIT. This year, I am one of the industry buyers for the Style Shop!

How about outside of FIT?
I have kept myself busy with internships and jobs as well. I interned at the TJX Corporation as a retail management intern and at Cache corporation as a merchandising intern. This summer I taught a Fashion Design Summer Camp for a few weeks along with being a manager of an ice-cream stand!

That shows great leadership—well-suited for the role of FITSA VP of Alumni Affairs! Tell us why you wanted to take on this role.
My love for the school continued to grow, leading me to become more involved within the FIT community. One of the main reasons why I wanted to come to FIT is because of the success of the alumni. To take on the role of the FITSA VP of Alumni Affairs, I will have first-hand experience to connect students with industry related professionals along with hearing any insight or advice they may have for us. It is so important that we work together to connect alumni and students.

What are some programs you plan on organizing to achieve that?
I plan on organizing more events working directly with FIT clubs and your office. After hearing about the success of the Alumni Shadow Program, I hope to expand the program to get more students involved. I would also like to create more networking events so the students can create a relationship with the alumni.

What message would you like to extend to the FIT alumni community on behalf of FIT’s student body?
On behalf of myself and the FIT student body, I would like to thank the alumni community for contributing back to FIT and helping students with their future. Thanks for the devotion, dedication and inspiration! We hope to see you in the exciting school year ahead!

Interested in getting involved with FIT? Alumni can sign up here!

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