Student View: An Interview with Jamie Espertin, Direct Marketing ’09

Jamie Espertin 1Last Monday, Jamie Espertin (Direct Marketing ’09) was the alumni guest speaker at FIT’s Faces and Places in Fashion. As a Production Management student, I found her talk very inspiring and insightful! Jamie is currently General Manager of MAYVIEN, an innovative website that provides “full-service solution for fashion wholesale and PR management.” I got a chance to speak with her after the event to dive deeper into how MAYVIEN is changing the fashion industry and what her role is in this exciting company.

I’d like to comment and say that you’re so young and well accomplished, how did you start working with Mayvien?

I connected with MAYVIEN unexpectedly through another business opportunity I was working on during my consulting days in Public Relations.  It was a business deal that fell through purposely, unbeknownst to me, because my CEO wanted me on his team instead.  I was then introduced to MAYVIEN and thought, “Wow! This is a great application!”Questions and conversations began developing and I became strikingly intrigued in the potential and planned evolution of MAYVIEN.  So it was easy for me to decide that I wanted to be a part of this because in that initial moment, I immediately knew that this application is revolutionary (to the fashion industry) and AMAZING.

So you were asked to join the team while the application was still transitioning into a start up?

Well the application for PR professionals had been fully developed, but it was at a standstill.  There were significantly fewer clients then, and almost no new functionality features since it was first launched a few years back.  Together my CEO and I were able to assemble the right team and acquire the resources that we would need to expand on the existing PR application and completely create (from scratch) a new tool for the fashion wholesale business.  The two applications would easily integrate offering efficiency and depth to fashion organizations managing both PR and Sales together or solely. Both applications are a stellar hit for all our clients, because they’re easily able to pull up valuable information, such as media coverage reports with up to date placement values from leading and well known publications, sales reports figures, MAYVIEN tells our clients which are their strongest editorial relationships, and can easily identity your bestselling pieces.  This extensive information is taxing and otherwise difficult to find when it’s done manually.  It’s literally click and search and then beautiful results below.


I definitely feel that companies would be able to take advantage of much needed time spent doing tedious work by upgrading to MAYVIEN because of how efficient it is. So exactly what is an average day at MAYVIEN like for you? What are some of your daily responsibilities?

It’s my job to make sure that all operations are running smoothly and at their max capacity.  I start my day by going through all my bookmarked articles from my favorite publications such as WWD or Advertising Age.  During my commute to work, I highlight topics or articles that grab my interest to make sure I’m up to date on industry news and the latest in advertising and marketing across all industries.  It’s my personal brainstorming session!

After that, the day is a whirlwind!  My assistants schedule international calls or out of office meetings early on so I’m either out of the office on a call with London, I have power lunches with my CEO or other exciting industry professionals and then I end the day with full sales brief from our NY based team.

Wow! Your days sound busy yet very exciting. You have accomplished a lot and seem to be very happy with your career–what advice would you give to current FIT students who are trying to find their place in the fashion industry?

Some advice for FIT students would be to make sure you take something away from every opportunity your given.  Whether it’s a boring part time job or an internship where all you feel you’re doing is making copies and running coffee errands.   Be keen to your surroundings and always listen to what’s going on.  I mean when else are you going to get to sit in on meetings with top executives making million deals?  Listen and learn from everything.  It may not be the job that you dreamed of in the beginning, but that completely depends on you and what you make of it.

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