At 91 years young, Professor Russo still gives high marks

By Sibylle Pfaffenbichler, BFA Textile Design ’78

Since graduating from FIT in 1978, Professor Miriam Russo (now Miriam Enders) and I have kept in touch for what is now 35 years. We used to periodically write letters, then email, and now we’re friends on Facebook! I was thrilled to get a friend request from Professor Russo, who’s 91 (yes, 91!), and so happy to interact with her on social media. I regularly post my artwork on Facebook and even now, she continues to motivate and praise me. She recently gave my ink/watercolor “New Orleans” a whopping “A+!” in the comments section. I laughed out loud it was so delightful! Professor Russo, always supportive of my endless endeavours, is still grading me most upliftingly.

“New Orleans” by Sibylle Pfaffenbichler, Textile Design ’78


I recently visited New York City and we had the most delightful lunch. We exchanged many fun memories from our years at FIT. It’s been 35 years since I graduated from FIT, and I am incredibly grateful to have Professor Russo in my life.

Miriam Russo, retired FIT Professor
Sibylle Pfaffenbichler

Soon we will meet up again and browse through the Whitney Museum for an afternoon.


Sibylle Pfaffenbichler started out with drawing workshops at the Art Students League in New York City, received a BFA summa cum laude  from the Fashion Institute of Technology/State University of New York, and took advanced art studies at the Long Island University. The famous textile designer Vera hired her out of college to design scarves in free-spirited  watercolor paintings, her first artistic professional endeavour.  Pfaffenbichler eventually chose the path of fine art and has worked as an independent artist ever since. She now lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and works out of a big studio in an old textile mill.

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4 Responses to At 91 years young, Professor Russo still gives high marks

  1. Miriam Enders says:

    Dear Sybille,
    I am flattered and touched by the publicity, and happy to connect with F.I.T. again. Thank you for leading
    me into a welcome and social (if technical) recognition. I’m delighted to know that I am remembered
    and I look forward to meeting you, one of my favorite students,soon.

    Miriam (Professor Russo)

  2. Susan Frumerie says:

    Sibylle, Thank you for sharing with us. Such warm memories I have of this lovely lady. Professor Russo has barely changed since I graduated in ’83.

  3. wow super… very good and inspiring…

  4. Excellent article wonderful way explain an inspirational article and i also like the art which is show in blog the art itself shows the msg.

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