FIT Alumni in Conversation

Babi Ahluwalia ’99
Sachin Ahluwalia ’96

in conversation with

Elizabeth Uss ’98

The Office of Alumni and Faculty Relations recently welcomed husband-and-wife design team Babi Ahluwalia (TDM ’99) and Sachin Ahluwalia (Fashion Design ’96) to FIT’s Faces & Places in Fashion lecture. Babi and Sachin Ahluwalia, who met at FIT sixteen years ago, spoke about launching their eponymous contemporary womenswear label, Sachin +Babi, and their luxury home furnishings brand, Ankasa. Elizabeth Uss (AMC ’98), Senior Producer and Reporter at Videofashion News, interviewed the Ahluwalias about their trade, their experience and their perspective on the business. Watch these alumni engage in a lively discussion!

What would you say is the most important thing you learned while you were at school here?

“What better to learn design and to apply it ten blocks up? You go to school, you finish your papers, your portfolio, your sketch, your presentation. And then you pound the pavement and find internships. I think it is the application of technical design and utilizing it right away, and all things available, the resources.”
-Babi Ahluwalia

“From a creative aspect, being at FIT, being in the city, being six blocks away from the Fashion District was an invaluable experience for me. FIT is not like other campuses around the world. You’re not isolated from the real world. The students, the professors that I had, my first internship with my fourth semetser mentor. I think every aspect lent itself to where I am today. I was very fortuante to have been here at the time that I was because it gave me all the necessary tools and pushed me toward the path that I chose.”
-Sachin Ahluwalia

Stay tuned for upcoming talks from the Faces & Places in Fashion lecture series!

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