Alumni Spotlight: Vasumathi Soundararajan ’10


Vasumathi Soundararajan, Fashion Design ’10

What did you study while you were at FIT? What year did you graduate?
Fashion Design, womenswear. December 2010.

What do you think you learned at FIT that has benefitted you the most in the real world?
Sewing class. I didn’t know how to sew when I arrived at FIT. I actually got a tip from a senior who told me to stuff cotton under the sewing machine pedal.

How much preparation went into creating your entire brand?
Last November, I began working on the legal aspects, which took six weeks. I worked on the logo, changed the name of the brand. I wanted everything to be just right.

Do you think it’s important for every design student to understand the business aspect and for the business students to understand the design aspect?
Yes, I had to teach myself. My friends and husband helped me on the business side. Students should definitely do at least one business class or network with other students who do know about business.

When did your underwear brand, Ken Wroy, launch?
The online store is up, and it will be sold in stores in both the USA and France.

Why did you decide to design men’s underwear?
Because I genuinely believe men should wear fun underwear and I was always interested and always using prints and patterns. I also noticed a hole in that part of the industry. Underwear is the first thing you wear and it’s the last thing you take off – give it the attention it deserves!

Many brands, including Ken Wroy and retailers are looking to F-Commerce, the selling of products on Facebook pages. What made you decide to use this modern approach of selling your product?
The prospect to buy. The customer is confused when they see brand’s blogs with products but no way to purchase them. This way it allows the customer to directly purchase the item.

Your brand has really unique packaging. Is that a key element of the brand?
Packaging is a huge element. It’s really for women because it’s easy to give it as a gift, but also represents how men’s accessories, like socks or wallets, are sold.

Are digital prints a large part of your design concept as well?
Yes, it’s about the spirit of New York. Just like there are three types of men, there are three types of underwear prints. Suave, trendy, and bold.

Where do you see your brand in a few years?
New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, as well as exploring Mexico, India and France. I’d like to potentially brand more products. 

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