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The Office of Alumni and Faculty Relations at FIT and the Milliners Guild were pleased to hold a reception showcasing the exceptional work by twenty-five milliners who were challenged to create two hats using the same block. The Millinery Guild is comprised of many FIT alumni who particpated in this challenge, including Evetta Petty (’79), Sally Caswell (Millinery ’08), Kimberly A.R. D’Auria (FMM ’01), Kathy Anderson (’80), Linda Ashton (Millinery  ’97), Jacqueline Lamont (Millinery ’87), and FIT Faculty Member Janet Linville. 

With the help of alumna Linda Ashton, President of the Milliners Guild, and all the milliners who particpated in the challenge, the event a great success! We thank all those who attended to support the incredible creativity of FIT alumni and friends.

View more event photos, videos, and the Hat Catalogue, complete with milliner information and hat descriptions, on our website. 

Vasilios Christofilakos, FIT alumnus and Chairperson of the Accessories Design Department with Linda Ashton, FIT alumna and President of the Millinery Guild
The hat block members of The Milliners Guild used to create two designs each, one for spring and one for fall
Hat by Jacqueline Lamont, Millinery '87

Photos courtesy of Vasilios Christofilakos

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  1. Judy Gellman says:

    Your Millinary guild should get in touch with the Costume Designer’s Guild in LA and showcase their work. I am a member and custom hats are something we would always be interested in knowing more about, (and the people who do them).


    Judy Gellman

  2. Thanks for sharing this post. I love this hat that is made of straw, it is very original style.
    visit also:

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