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The FIT Brand

According to President Joyce Brown, FIT is a community of unconventional minds, educating students to be problem solvers and design thinkers. The FIT student body, faculty, curriculum, and industry partners are unlike all others.

Watch this video produced by FIT students to see uncommon imagination at work.

Have questions about FIT’s new brand? View the FAQs here.


FIT Re-Welcomes Colorful Fiber Art

A colorful work of fiber art by former Textile Design faculty member Wilma Grayson hung in the lobby of FIT’s Pomerantz Center in 1975. The design, a grid of colored rectangles on a white ground, was selected by FIT’s Art Committee (and approved by the Art Commission of the City of New York) for manufacture by Edward Fields Carpet Makers.

In spring 2017, when the college began renovating the lobby for an expansion, the piece was removed and sent to the Textile Conservation Lab where experts conducted a careful cleaning. Members of the FIT community were involved in every step of the process. The returning art piece is now installed in a new location: the stairwell of the Katie Murphy Amphitheatre.

Goes to show classic, creative art never goes out of style. Go check out this vintage creation and let me know what you think!


Graduation Stress:

For myself and many other FIT students, the next few months are going to be a whirlwind of emotions and to-do lists. Graduation, the next milestone in life, is in May at we are all freaking out extremely excited. Like other milestones in life, graduation can bring with it a lot of stress.

Here’s some advice I think is really good for keeping me calm as we near the day of cap tossing…

Explore different career and graduate school options and to utilize campus resources preparing students for graduation and a future career. Even if you might not have realized all the resources available to you.

Assess what’s important to you –  including skills, interests and values. Learn about or to research different careers so that you are making informed decisions about things that might be a good fit for those skills and interests.

Time management is crucial. Write a pre-graduation to-do list and start working on different tasks gradually, then check them off. The first step is to register for graduation (and know deadlines in general), and the next tasks all depends on your goal. Just remember to not overwhelm yourself with all these expectations at once. Think of what you want to do most and what would be best for you, not what everyone else expects.

At the same time, be realistic. Of course you need to find some way to support yourself after college, so start considering your options now and plan ahead. You might not get your dream job right away, and that’s OK!

FIT Re-branded

Hi guys!

What comes to mind when you think of FIT? What does the student body look like? What is FIT’s brand?

Dr. Joyce Brown, President of FIT, believes FIT is a community of people who do not fit the mold of society. We are innovators, design thinkers, unconventional minds and problem solvers. We are unlike any other college student. As a new creative economy approaches in a variety of industries, FIT has decided to laid to discontinue stereotypes and outdated practices.

FIT is moving forward with “unshackled innovation-while unabashedly celebrating traditional skills.” The industry leaders across all categories know the visionaries of the future are at FIT.

And stay tuned — more #FITunconventional is on its way!


Compost at FIT

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Hi guys!

Just wanted to put on your radar that FIT had been working on an exciting sustainable project: compost drop-offs! This project is a Residence Hal Association (RHA) initiative that focuses on going green and repurposing waste that is biodegradable.

What is compost you ask? Compost is food scraps and other organic waste that can be a useful product that adds nutrients and improves the quality of soil for street trees, gardens and more.

Food comprises about 17% of NYC’s waste stream, according to GrowNYC. When this material is sent to a landfill it contributes to NYC’s disposal costs and can create greenhouse gas emissions — a major negative.

Separate anything from banana peels, the leftover hair from your hairbrush or even dead flowers. ALL BIODEGRADABLE! See this list of 100 items you can compost.

Bins will be available on 27th street beginning within the first couple of weeks in March: date is TBA.