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Notes From the 6 Train: Classes Spring 15′

So I have to admit that I’m pretty exciting for my classes this semester. Actually, I’m always excited for my classes. I often feel apathetic before school starts and then I always get a bit amped. As an FIT student employee (a blogger, ambassador or blogger but not work-study unfortunately) we always get first priority registration! So, I am able to get the classes I want! Well, at least we get the time we want, when we register we usually don’t know who out professors are at the time of registration, which we all know is a major competent of classes, but I think I’ve wound up with some pretty good teachers. A few of the classes I towards in particular are my “Starting A Small Business” class and my “International Finance” Class.

Classes this semester will hopefully make my life like these guys in Breaking Bad

Classes this semester will hopefully make my life like these guys in Breaking Bad

Let me preface this by saying that math is certainly not my strong suit BUT I have a good professor who is extremely knowledgable, Christine Pomeranz, the chair of the International Trade & Marketing department, who worked in the international banking for twenty years & handled five BILLION dollars in accounts. Honestly, I’m hoping to get my personal finances straight in this class and get some helpful stock tips.


I look forward to my Starting A Small Business class because I’ve considered starting a business before. My professor for this class has owned his own moderate-better coat manufacturing company for 30 years, so he has a plethora of experimental learning as well. He is all very passionate about his profession (and works from home, #lifegoals) During this class we create our own business. There are no tests or quizzes, because the tests in real life is whether or not your business succeeds. That, is the most important test of all.

What about you? What classes/ teachers/projects are you excited for?

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OK to Post

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 6.54.07 PMIf you have ever been to FIT, you have probably seen one of these boards before. Despite being very adept at technology, as our name suggests, FIT still uses good old paper posters to advertise upcoming events and clubs. I, for one, am grateful for this, because as someone who receives a mammoth amount of emails each day, passing these every time I use the escalator is much more attention-grabbing.

Posters are put up almost all over the school, but the best place to find out what is going on is on these boards that are on every level of the escalators in the Feldman Center and the Baker School of Business and Technology.

There are all sorts of events advertised here. This one includes posters offering open studio and tea time in the Student Center, “FIT in Discussion” hosted by the LGBTQ and Supporters Group, the Drag Pageant Committee, a runway show inspired by the movie “The Virgin Suicides”, the Public Relations Student Society of America at FIT, several movie screenings, extra hours for the writing studio to aid with final papers, a random “Goodbye Fall” party, Super Smash Bros for the Wii U free play, Fall flee market dates, volunteer opportunities, a talk on a history of psychiatric views on homosexuality, upcoming classes for animation, playwriting, computer graphics, digital literacy for designers, and more!

Even with finals upon us, there is plenty to do here at FIT!


How to Master Registration – Freshman Addition

Being a first year college student, every single day is a learning experience.  There are many things here at FIT that I’m trying to figure out or have yet to figure out.  However, I think I’m pretty good at understanding how the registration game works.  If you are an incoming freshman, you will register for your first semester classes the summer leading up to your first semester.  For the second semester, you register in early November.  Sounds simple?  Maybe not.

  1. YOU GOT IN!  CONGRATULATIONS!  When you applied, you already chose your major.  With that being said, you can now look at classes that you are required to take.  By all means, you are more than welcome to take classes that aren’t required for your major, I won’t stop you….and neither will your computer when you go to register.  (I’ll get to that later.)
  2. Depending on what major you are, go to http://www.fitnyc.edu/1706.asp and click on your major.  From there, click on “Curriculum” located on the left hand side of your screen typically under “Related Links.”  From there, you click on your year/type of degree program (Ex: 2-year Associate Program for Advertising and Marketing Communications Fall 2013).  The website will give you an outline of your next 1-2 years at FIT, broken up by semester.
  3. Check to see what classes are required for your major!  You can do this by scrolling down on the course outline that I discussed above to view your major specific SUNY general education requirements.  Do your research and see what courses are allowed and not allowed to be taken as a student of a certain major.
  4. Map everything out.  Make a mock schedule.  You can view what courses are being offered by going to your myFIT account – Student Tab – Registration – Look up classes to add.  *Note, not all classes are offered every semester, so plan accordingly.  Look at previous years to see what classes were offered for each given semester.
  5. It’s time to register!  When you applied, you received a myFIT login user and password. ALWAYS check this account/email to stay updated.  Sometimes, FIT isn’t so great at advanced reminders.  So that this blog post doesn’t get excessively long, this link explains how to physically sign up for your classes online.  http://www.fitnyc.edu/3566.asp
  6. May the odds be ever in your favor. (It’s not that scary 🙂 )