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All work No play

Hi again everyone! So on Saturday I was asked to show more of my work now from a lot of people, mostly students. I can’t show too much because well professors don’t like that for the classes and I can’t have anyone steeling my brilliant ideas! SO every once in a while you will get a backstage pass to ” a life of an interior design student at FIT” ( That’s right I am an interior design student and I am alive haha).

hhThis first image is a quick idea I did on Revit. For those of you who don’t know what Revit is, it’s a 3D design program made by the same producers of AUTOCAD, both these programs work hand in hand. You will learn AUTOCAD your second semester and REVIT your third, so before that it’s all by hand.


unnamedThis is a perspective drawing, you will learn this in your second semester. perspectives are 3D drawings focusing on two or more walls. To make these drawings you will take your drafting equipment and two vanishing points…. I can’t tell you that much 🙂 You will have to wait to take the class. P.S every teacher switches there plans, so it may look similar to things I may post on here, but trust me it’s not so nothing can be copied here and that’s the only reason I am posting it.

I hope you enjoyed your little sneak peek, now it’s time to get back to work for me!




Notes From The 6 Train: The Color of Beauty Awards


This past week I had the pleasure of attending the first annual Color of Beauty Awards. This event was given by a former FIT Professor (hooray for supporting people from the FIT community), and went with the BRAG FIT chapter. It was our first event of this semester and it was a nice way to begin the year. The day began at the NYU’s Stern School for Business, with a panel about the “black and brown customer, diversity issues in the fashion world, from faces on catwalks to covers, the diversification of the POC ( person of color) customer.” I was unable to attend the panel discussion due to classes, but I was glad I had the opportunity to the award show. It’s always nice to offer thanks to people that have paved the way for your success, as well as congratulate your peers who are making their history. Beverly Johnson ( the first black model to be on the cover of Vogue & French Elle) was recognized and awarded for her consistent breaking of glass ceilings in the fashion industry. Having the opportunity to talk and show appreciation to such phenomenal people in the industry is always special. Priyanka Chopra, a popular Bolloywood actress and the first winner of Miss World Pageant was also honored along with a host of movers and shakes in the fashion industry. February was already been filled with such amazing opprotunites for growth, fun and networking, I can’t wait to see what the rest of the month has in store for me! I hope your month has, and continues to be, just as inspiring as mine’s.

As always, All things Color, Love & Fashion,

Ayanna L.

Notes From the 6 Train: Exploring NY This Holiday Season

At home, I’ve never experienced the holiday season quite like this. I am proud of Atlanta for a lot of things, but providing holiday sentiments is not one of them. Everyone knows that New York turns into a magical place ( as if weren’t already magical) during the holiday time. The city is as bright a Christmas tree & looks (feels) like a snow globe. Best of all, it allows people to dress up, be fancy and feel good, all while attending some cool seasonal events.

















Here’s a snapshot from the BRAG (The Black Retail Group- an organization with a chapter on FIT’s campus), annual holiday toy drive. The other elves and I were told to dress festively, but maybe I was the one who got the message. Either way, I was sporting an old shirt from my mother’s closet. (I’m so lucky to have a fashionable mother who shares my size).

The event was well supported and the guests donated dozens of toys. The toys were then given to a children’s home in Harlem, for kids who otherwise would receive toys. In addition to being an “elf” ( note the elf hat), I got to do some networking. All the guests were industry professionals, and because the event was an intimate one, I got to talk to nearly everyone. These type of intimate settings give people an opportunity to make connections, and are the catalyst for building relationship.  Also, I got to have some free food, which is always a plus.

This past week I went did something that was the complete opposite of the BRAG toy drive. I think life is all about balance, and after a semester of working hard and attending professional events, I went to the 10 Deep Holiday Party in the Williamsburg Music Hall, which provided an alternate type of networking.  These type of events are usually composed of movers and shakers, many musicians and artists. 10 Deep is a cornerstone menswear brand, which has been popular for over fifteen years. The creator, Scott Sasso, a native New Yorker, says he named the line 10 Deep because “Forget everyone and listen to yourself. Strength lies in the hands of an individual (10 fingers), not in the approval of one’s peers.” The line can be bought online, on their own website or karmaloop.com. Every year, they host a free holiday party(ies) for all people to come enjoy the sounds of various artists and the live DJ. These type of events showcase just how dynamic fashion brands can be, by infusing music & art, along with their fashion they are ensuring their success for (hopefully) many more years in the future.

As an artist, I need these type of events just as much as professional events. The energy that exists at a live show is one that is unparalleled, and I am thankful that have been able to experience here in New York before I go home in a few days. Are there any special events you all are excited to participate in?

All things Color, Love & Fashion,

Ayanna L.


Notes from the 6 Train: From Backstage to the Front Row

This has been an amazing two months. I’ve been living in NYC & I’ve already accomplished so much, things only possible through my attendance at FIT. During fashion week sign ups I found out about this program called UCOF (United Colors of Fashion.) While in the program, I was able to attend this free seminar where industry professionals from an array of different fields within the fashion industry. They all offered interesting and helpful insight. There was a seminar in which they needed a model to use for a demonstration. I volunteered and got my hair done for free by a stylist who works fashion week. (Yay!) The following week I helped her backstage at the UCOF fashion show and we got along so well that she offered to my names on the list for a Halloween fashion show/ party she was styling for. I couldn’t go due to classes, but it was a kind gesture. I also made a connection with one the producers of the fashion show, (a field I am interested in) and will, hopefully, be meeting soon to discuss future possibilities.


The second photo is of my father and I at the BRAG Gala. The Black Retail Action Group is an organization that is dedicated to the inclusion of African Americans and all people of color in retail and related industries. They award students with scholarship and provide paid summer internships. The summer internships are open to anyone, however, the scholarships are only to students who attend a school with an active chapter ( which we do, here at FIT.) Annually, they hold a gala for the scholarship recipients and honor influential people within the industry. This year the awards were given to Terry J. Lundgren, Macy’s chairman, president and chief executive, Alain LaFontant, vice president of business development at Sean John and Iman.

I was fortunate enough to be a scholarship recipient this year and attend the gala. I felt like I was at a ball for black royalty. Everyone was so kind and proud of me, even though they didn’t know my personally. Being around so many successful people of color reminded me why I am working so hard. There are lots of times that being a person of color has made me feel isolated, but going to events like this and remaining involved in organizations such as BRAG are living memorandums for me, and others like me, that we deserve to be here. Going to a school with such talented people is an extraordinary experience, but you have to come in knowing yourself, as not to fall into the pitfalls of imagined insecurities. One must remember that the fabulousness of their classmate, does not make them any less fabulous, talented and smart. I’m learning two different curriculum concurrently here at FIT, the first is academic based and the second is “learning how to thrive in the fashion industry while not losing yourself.” I’ve already learned a few lessons, know your craft, know your worth and be prepared to work.

All things Color, Love & Fashion,

Ayanna L.