Closest Places to Grab Good Coffee



Hello there! If you are like me, coffee is basically your life. Since moving to New York, I have become a coffee addict. I can’t function in the morning without a good cup of coffee. I know a lot of students here at FIT feel the same way, but they often just go to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, because of the convenience and they can’t be bothered to walk far for coffee… Listed below are some of the best places to grab really good coffee, that are really close to FIT.

Stumptown (20 W 29th St) Best coffee in New York City. The coffee shop is in the Ace Hotel, so if you want to study you can go in their lobby, which is worth seeing. There are a lot of students that study there, so you won’t feel like an intruder and they have free wifi!

Seven Grams Caffé (275 7th Ave) Literally just in front of FIT. They have plenty of room if you want to sit down and do homework. They also have free wifi, which is always a plus. Beware because they bake their pastries in the coffee shop, which makes you want to eat everything.

A little Taste (148 W 28th St) Great coffee, but it’s really tiny inside, so if you’re looking for somewhere to sit down, don’t go there. It’s really close from FIT, so if you want to grab a quick coffee in between classes, it’s really convenient. If you like pastries, they have some really delicious options.

Birch Coffee (21 E 27th St) Really interesting layout, in the back of the coffee shop they have a library, where you can borrow books and read them. There is a lot of room to sit down and do homework. A lot of students go there to study, which is always nice, especially if you want to start a conversation. The staff is really friendly and they have free wifi.

Café Grumpy (224 W 20th St) This is my favorite place to do homework. They don’t have wifi nor allow laptops, but if you have to read or draw, it’s really cute and has a great ambiance.

If you have any other recommendations, I would love to know about them!