Notes From the 6 Train: It’s Raining Research

Each semester at the writing center we choose a topic to delve into deeper in order to become tutors and writers, so we are more helpful for you all! This semester’s focus is research. I know this sounds super boring, but it is imperative while in school and incredibly important for artists. Many students loathe research because it’s time consuming and hard. It’s hard because many of students, including myself until last week, aren’t aware all of the resources that the FIT library has to offer for researching.

Artists who make are, without engaging in thorough research beforehand, and claim that they were “inspired” by another artist seems fishy. Without research and thoughtfulness, inspiration can quickly become copying.

Here are three ways the library can aid you in your research process (that you probably don’t know about):

1. You can instant message librarians!

You want to ask a pointed question such as “I am interested in researching trends of the 20’s, what are good resources to start research?

They usually answer quite fast. If they don’t respond immediately, they will email you probably within the next hour at the latest.

2. You can email them.

If you have a question at 2 am you can email them and you get a response in 24 hours (usually, much faster than that.)

3. You can text them.

Same deal. This way you can receive a response while on the go.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 2.35.48 PM

In order to access these resources you simply go to the FIT library home page, click the “Ask A Librarian” tab and explore the researching possibilities!

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3 thoughts on “Notes From the 6 Train: It’s Raining Research

  1. Gary Marcus

    My name is Gary Marcus and I believe I am related to Gladys Marcus. Last week I was in the Marcus family Mausoleum, where my great uncle Charles Lionel Marcus had married Frances Fields, an actress in the 1920’s. I believe that Francis Fields eventually became the Director of the Fashion Institute of Technology, and that Gladys Marcus may have been her daughter. Do you know who Gladys Marcus was and if she was related to Francis Fields Marcus?

    Thank you.

      1. Gary Marcus

        Hi Aya,

        Thanks for responding. I’ve made some headway, and now my only remaining question is whether Gladys Marcus was the daughter of Frances Feilds Marcus. But concentrate on your midterm. April, an assistant at the Library is following up on the research on this, so there is no need for you to do so.

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