Completion and Prejudging

We finished! We finished!!!! OMG WE FINISHEDDDD!!!!!!! It is seriously breathtaking how impeccable and amazing how everyone’s finished garments in our class look!

I literally cannot believe that I was able to get everything done on time! A little over a week ago, I realized that the ~700 flowers I had hand sewn and dyed was nowhere near enough to cover the parts of my dress that needed to be covered. Quite the shock as seeing I was sure I definitely had more than enough. So, last Monday I frantically bought 20 yards of white silk chiffon (this is on top of the 15 yards I had already used) and cut it all up.

Thankfully everyone around me were so wonderfully supportive and more than willing to help. Sheryl, one of my internship supervisors at Paula Varsalona helped me cut out eight yards of flowers while I was at my internship. I overnight-ed about 400 cut up flowers for my mom and sister Tuesday morning and they sent them all back to me sewn and finished Saturday morning! While I made and sewed flowers at home, my boyfriend threaded and knotted all my needles. At one point even his mom and his friends sat down with me and helped me make flowers.

(New batch of flowers)

Although I was planning to be finished with the 1st look by Thursday, I didn’t end up finishing all my hand sewing until Saturday afternoon. After that, I went straight to dyeing my new batch of flowers, however because each group needed to be dyed for different times and had different dye concentrations, it was an extremely time consuming process. Seven hours of time-consuming-ness to be exact. A far cry from the two I had been hoping for..

(The aftermath of frantic flower dyeing and excessive hand sewing. It would have been safer to wear gloves, yet I can’t help but be slightly amused that the dye highlighted all the scraps, cuts and pin pricks all over my poor abused fingers.)

(Typical that my flowers would be mixed in with a bunch of empty candy wrappers…)
(My very own intern boyfriend :D)

Needless to say, I was far, far, far behind the schedule and deadlines I had drawn out for myself. To top it all off, I realized I STILL would not have enough flowers to cover everything. Thankfully at about 4:30am Monday morning while tacking flowers, I decided my solution to my problems would be to make a nude slip that would go underneath the dress. I had sewn a bias slip back in 7th semester and it had been relatively easy to put together, so it was definitely possible.

To my very good fortune, I even still had the patterns for the slip. Unfortunately, that is where my good fortune ended. I knew I had a working pattern since I had sewn the first slip without any kinks. However, half way through attempting to sew the bodice to the skirt, I realized I had somehow cut my center bias dress piece too small by 2 inches and even worse, I hadn’t bought enough fabric to redo it. A slip that had first taken me three hours to put together stretched to eight and still I was not done. I put the slip underneath the dress to test it and it was a hot mess. The slip was definitely out, as was eight precious hours down the drain.

(Unsuccessful bias slip)

With really no choice left, I concentrated on tacking the few hundred flowers I had left and left it at that. A little before noon, I knew I had done all I could and went upstairs to set up.

Although the days and hours leading up to pre-judging were complete misery, I couldn’t help but be giddy with my two looks standing side by side. I really couldn’t be happier. In my mind, I know I did the very best I could do and that is more than enough of a validation for me. Four years ago, I could barely sew a straight line and never in a million years would have imagined I had this in me.

Most of all, I have to extend a super special thanks to all the people that helped me with my 2nd look. I am so, so grateful! Without their help I never would have been able to have complete the 1500+ flowers that are on my 2nd look. Thank you so, so much!

(1st and 2nd look together on Presentation/Prejudging day)

(The wonderful senior sportswear designer, Ashley modeling my reference pictures for 1st look) (We’re so happy to be heading down to the Great Hall for Judging. I’m thrilled to say we survived the FIT freight elevator!)

Now the waiting begins. The exact method of how judging will go is still uncertain. To my understanding, the industry judges will come in and check the looks they like the most. To have a look to even be considered eligible for the show, three of the five judges have to deem the look fit for the runway. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

The Great Hall was full of beautiful and innovative garments today. We find out whether we are in the show some time between Thursday and Friday. Remember! If there is a will, there is definitely a way! Good luck everyone!!! Congratulations to all the 2012 fashion design seniors, we did it!!! ^.^


Fit for Success

Ahahaha, yes I know, but I just couldn’t resist the corny title.

I went into this fitting a bit of a major nervous wreck. Having not slept at all the night before probably did not in any way help with my nerves. Going off the last meeting with the critic, I wasn’t so sure if I wanted to see her again, especially with my complicated garment in a bunch of pieces that needed to be assembled during the fitting to properly make adjustments and corrections. It just seemed like I was setting myself up for a disaster.

Our professor had sent us an email prior to class to be prepared to only possibly have enough time to fit one of our looks, so we had to choose the stronger of our two looks. Although I’m not entirely sure which look is ”stronger,” the obvious choice was the red monster since the triangles mold to the body in a much different manner than if it were on a rigid dress form.

At around 2pm, our three models, Kelly, Christina and Olga arrived. We all quickly figured out which girl would best fit into the needs of our dress and from that we used the chalk board to sign up for the three different models.

Noticing that Kelly was the overall slimmest of the three, I chose to use her as my fit model for the 1st look. Mimi helped me as I placed the triangles to make sure I covered her breasts, crotch and butt area, then quickly marked off the area that needed to be cut off and changed.

Amsale was running a little late due to her prior commitments so she did not see my 1st dress on the model which I secretly found to be quite the relief. However, as everyone finished fitting their first look, we were told we could start signing up to start fitting our second look. Instead of fitting my second look, I decided it would be to my best benefit to refit my first dress with the new changes from the 1st fitting I had marked off.

Besides the obvious need for an extremely stable, intensely boned under-structure, there wasn’t too much that needed to be done with the triangles. Best of all, Amsale was actually impressed with how unexpected the dress was turning out. Have to say, much improved from our last meeting.

Our class managed to get through everyone’s looks with an extra half hour to spare and I snagged the opportunity to fit my 2nd look on Christina.

Overall the fitting today was quite a success. Amsale was impressed with the improvement and work we all had accomplished within the time we last met with her.

Special thanks to Helen for snapping pictures of my 2nd fitting!

With spring break already in view, we have a little under three weeks to bang out whatever we have left on our two looks for critic pre-judging on the 13th of April.

Countdown: 16 days.

Making Progress









Our critic Amsale’s visit is 3/9 meaning we have a little less than a week now to put 70% of our first look together. Progress is the name of the game and everyone is working hard to make sure they meet the deadline.


Pushing Forward

Note: Dates reflected in photo are not entirely accurate. Judging day is still 4/18.

We have been working on our first garment for the show for a little over three weeks now and our critic Amsale is coming 3/9 to see that at least 70% of the first look is completed as well as checking the muslin for our second look.


The passing of the first and hopefully last (but highly unlikely) meltdown of the semester.

Sometimes you start out with this really great idea in your head and it looks even better on paper, but somehow things manage to fall apart as you are in the process of putting it together. Yup, that was me four days ago realizing I had started something that just was not going to successfully come together. It just did not make sense to continue to dedicate precious time working on it.


The following four days have compiled of me redesigning, re-sketching, re-draping, re-patterning, re-deciding color story, and re-deciding fabrication. On top of everything, my new fabric deciding to be finicky and difficult to work with has basically begged for an unnerving frustration fueled meltdown. Happy to say though that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and if my four years at FIT have taught me anything, it is that if there is a will there will always be a way.

Now the only question is… what will Amsale think of my brand new design… -.-””