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Born and raised in the charming city of Madison, Wisconsin, Yvonne’s passion has always been drawing and designing ever since she was old enough to hold a pencil. As a child she watched her grandmother pattern and sew dresses for her and her sister and was mesmerized that a piece of flat fabric could magically become such a beautiful dress. While her parents originally discouraged her intention to pursue a career in fashion, she proved her dedication was more than just a passing interest. With her parent’s blessings, she moved to New York after high school to study at FIT.

Yvonne admits that, even though moving to New York has been one of the biggest uphill climbs of her life, she could not imagine doing anything else with her life. Design will always be her first and only real calling. Although Yvonne is not entirely sure what her future has in store for her, with a strong desire to excel and succeed in life, she is keeping faith that with time hard work will pay off.

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    • I would look into FIT’s main website, they have everything about the application process there. There is also a great Facebook group that is able to help answer your questions quickly and efficiently!

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