Just the Beginning

Upon stepping into the Great Hall, I was greeted by the chaos of teachers and students running around trying to pack everything up. My first instinct was to find a familiar face and at the far end of the room I spotted Nicole helping pack up the evening wear section. As I got closer, I knew the news was not going to be good.

I’m honestly not sure how to feel. Originally when I agreed to do this blog, I was told that, no matter what the results, I should ere on the side of caution after Judging happens. I don’t know, perhaps because I have always just been a really honest person, I think I’m just going to be throwing that caution to the wind.

I can’t pretend that everything is fine because it isn’t. I am crushed. For myself. For my friends that I stayed up late working with. For the people that were definitely without a doubt cheated (imeancomeonshebuiltbonesfromcottonferchristssake!!!).

Typically I’m not the type of person to be confident in what I do. In fact if anything, it is much safer to say I’ve got major self esteem issues, but to see so many garments that were absolutely breathtaking and amazing be denied, I’m completely shocked.  In the end, only about 60 some looks were chosen. I would have hoped that with Calvin Klein’s generous $2 million donation, our show would at least be extended to include more than 60 looks. That is already 30 less than the previous year.

Did I cry? Not at first, but when Prof. Scheetz came up to me to tell me how sorry she was, I started to crack. And try as the little boy might to hold his finger to the crack in the dam, by the time I got home I was bubbling mess. Thankfully it wasn’t anything a lot of candy, junk food and potty humor couldn’t fix.

The hardest was probably telling my mom and sister that worked so hard to help me get everything done. I think though, my mother put it best, she said “failing keeps you grounded, it is important to fail so you can gain the strength to pick yourself back up again.” Failing to make the Senior show isn’t quite the time I want to remember to stay grounded but she isn’t exactly wrong. Perhaps a little twisted, but it comes with the Tiger Mother territory.

As upsetting as the Judging went, in no way am I knocking at the garments that did get in. My wonderful, wonderful friend Mimi got the well deserved Critic’s Award with her black antique lace dress. She is without a doubt, the enduring inspiration that no matter what, you should always stay true to who you are. I am absolutely thrilled for her!!!

On the bright side, I have two weeks to kick back, relax and slowly start to put together my 3rd look. Not to mention the two kickin’ new additions I have to use for my portfolio. As for what I am going to do for my first free weekend in forever? Who am I kidding? I’m going to get totally wasted! Come join me why don’t you 😉

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3 thoughts on “Just the Beginning

  1. I listen to that song every time I am down as well! I am an Alumuni of Fashion Design from NIFT , India. 2 of my designs had to be changed a day b4 jury! Had that song on repeat for 24 hours after that!!

    By the way I love what you made!

    I hand sewed about a million flowers for my final collection as well 🙂

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