Amsale’s 3/27 Visit & Model Fitting Snapshots (Part 1 of 3)

Fit Day! We all rushed into our classroom a little after noon to do some last minute touch ups and prepare for the 2pm model fitting.

Special thanks to Paige & Abdiel for helping with pictures!

Paige’s 1st Look on model Christina

Uzma’s 1st Look on model Christina

Katie’s 1st Look on model Kelly

Kukhyun’s 2nd Look on model Christina

Kyle’s 2nd Look on model Olga

Tatiana’s 2nd Look on model Olga

Courtney’s 1st Look on model Kelly

Jordan’s 2nd Look on model Christina

One Step at a Time

Exciting news!!! My little sister has booked a last minute spring break trip to NYC using my saved up Chase Freedom points so she’ll be here from this Friday to Wednesday! But best of all? Because I ”paid” for the trip, I get to slave drive her for the entirety of her visit. I mean, it’s really only fair. God, I love little sibling intern (slaves)!

Anyway, added and sewed all the boning channels today. Took me a few tries to dye them the color I wanted so it took longer than I had initially planned, but they’re finally on there! The length of my boning channels are 3/8”, typically they are 1/2” but I personally prefer the look of the slimmer channels even though they are harder to sew. For boning, I chose to use spiral boning for this dress because spiral boning tends to mold over the curves of the body better and is more comfortable for the wearer.

Like all types of boning, it is possible to cut steel spiral boning down to the size you want on your own. However, it definitely isn’t a matter of using your scissors to cut it down. Trust me, your scissors will lose. I was determined and learned that the hard way my third semester.

For the best results, it is best to go get heavy duty wire cutters from somewhere like Home Depot. Don’t try going to a fabric store for this, they usually overcharge for something that won’t even cut steel properly. Remember to take seam allowance into consideration when deciding your boning length. Your spiral boning will destroy your sewing needle on impact.

After you cut the steel, you will be left with a sharp jagged edge that is no longer protected by a rounded tip. Worry not, for a small price these tips can be purchased separately. The hard part comes with attaching the tip. My friend Yecca taught me the best way to tip the spiral bones is to use a pair of needle-nose pliers and a pair of linesman pliers. Holding the bone and tip with the needle-nose plier and using the linesman plier to hold the edges in place, apply as much pressure as you can at the same time on the tip. This should secure the tip in place. If not, repeat until desired results are achieved or ask for help from someone that is stronger.

To my knowledge, these are the places that sell spiral boning:

Steinlauf & Stoller
239 W 39th St (between 7th Ave & 8th Ave)
New York, NY 10018
(212) 869-0321
I usually get my bones here. It is $.50 per bone and $5.00 for a dozen. I believe, they have them precut from 3” all the way up to 15”, but don’t quote me.  Tips are $.10 each, $1.00 for a dozen and I think $7.20 for a gross (144 pieces). Be warned though, S&S is only open Mon-Fri and closes promptly at 5pm.

Sil Thread
257 W 38th St (between 7th Ave & 8th Ave)
New York, NY 10018
Rumor is that they will cut according to the size you need, but I have yet to go there to confirm those rumors.

Pacific Trimming
218 W 38 St (7th ave & 38th Street)
New York, NY 10018
(212) 279-9310
I have only ever gone here for spiral boning during emergencies, because their prices for boning tend to be a little pricier than Steinlauf which adds up when you buy mass quantities. 
I’ve been relatively nervous about whether or not I made the right decision for making my skirt so full – it is fuller than a full circle – after I added in the 4” horsehair which has made it jut out in the most unflattering manner. So after I finished the boning channels and inserting the boning in, I started nervously tacking the many different shades of red hand dyed flowers onto my dress to see if it would weigh down the dress as I had originally thought. 
A bagillion hours later…

…Yup, I’ve definitely got a long way to go, but it does look like it will sit much better after I sew on all my flowers.

On the bright side, at least I’m at a comfortable point for tomorrow’s fitting.




Unpleasant content ahead.








Well, don’t say you I didn’t warn you.












Yea, What the *#(&*@(%)!(*@$)#%@*(^&)(*)$%^()#&@()$*!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those that never took us fashion design students seriously, do you see this??? We are hardcore! HARDCORE!!!!…. *stares at finger* *cries*

Sadly, this is not the first time something like this has happened. Last year, I broke a leather needle and the tip engrained itself into my thumb causing quite the bloody mess. The year before that, I broke a regular needle over my nail, leaving a deep groove that took for what seem like years before finally growing out and disappearing. This is the first time that the culprit was not the needle, but the screw holding the needle in place! (If confused, refer to diagram below). Not only did it jam down onto my nail, it broke clean through to my skin underneath. I can literally see clean through it from the bottom of my nail. You have no idea how much I hate everything right now…

At least Maria unknowingly saved the day by giving me a grapefruit. ^__^

In other news, all my triangles have finally all been sewn to one another! All that is left now is to drape the bodice, then sew the two to one another. Much easier said than done, but it feels so good to say such a simple sentence that I know I will definitely be dreading tomorrow.

The majority of the second dress is coming together as well.


Saturday compiled of making and dip dyeing flowers. For the most part, a successful venture.

(Boiling pot of flowers)
(Self Efficient Automated Flower Dryer)


Slowly, but surely the turtle won the race… Except I’m not a turtle, and there isn’t exactly a race to be won. I’m sure you know what I mean.

Meet My Little Red Monster

Behold my Little Red Monster aka Dress 1. Such a freakin’ nightmare!!! It literally has kept me teetering off the edge of my sanity, it is no wonder I keep avoiding it. The original concept for this dress had the three-dimensional triangles wrapped around the neckline, but what I envisioned ended up not at all translating material wise. I struggled with it, trying to figure out how to save it in the week leading up to Amsale’s visit and got to a point where I definitely had something to show. I may not have been happy, but at least I wasn’t going to be empty handed.

(Abdiel modeling a section of my dress)

Two days before Amsale’s visit, I made the heart sinking decision to yet again, start over. Determined, I spent an entire night patterning a new concept and was much happier with the new drape.

(Photoshop mockup of dress, trippy…)

The patterns alone for this piece has been an absolute nightmare. Don’t get me wrong, I am an incredibly ”visual” learner, but creating dimension can really mess would your ability to see, at least mine anyway. This so far has really just boost my respect for the packaging design majors that much more.

Let’s not even begin to talk about sewing… BAAHHHH. Although this piece may look very rigid and strong, the material is easily changed and molded to the point that it has the ability to jeopardize my monster’s crispness.

The dress is still very much in the works with many things still evolving and still being figured out. With time running out, all I’m really hoping for is to have something that I can be proud of by the end.

And in case you forgot and were wondering… Yes, I am definitely a masochist. This dress is definitive proof of my insanity.


Ba-bam! And in seconds our 2nd looks all just magically came to be! Okay, not really, but it is nice to dream. Nothing new, just more pictures of all of us toiling away, nbd.






Paige & Abdiel









We are all waiting for the day when we can finally just…