MAC Cosmetics Workshop

6th and 8th semester students were emailed with the opportunity to join Gordan Espinet and his MAC Cosmetic Team, the group behind the makeup of the BFA fashion show, for a limited opening intimate workshop to talk about the importance behind hair and makeup and how it relates to the world of Fashion.

For the workshop, we were asked to bring pictures and photos of our best work for critique and input. After his talk, he took time to look at each of our portfolios and senior collection looks before giving individual input on what he thought would best help visually enhance our looks.

For a man that has become so successful in life, he is definitely incredibly humble about it. He is funny, engaging and overall just extremely friendly. It was truly a wonderful experience and opportunity.

Seniors! Rumor is they will be doing a few more workshops so keep your eyes open for those emails. Definitely make the time for this, it really is an opportunity that should not be passed out on!


One thought on “MAC Cosmetics Workshop

  1. It really was a great experience, i was so happy that he actually took the time to talk to each person individually, that was amazing. To meet someone of that high a ranking, that was a once in a lifetime experience!

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