Fit for Success

Ahahaha, yes I know, but I just couldn’t resist the corny title.

I went into this fitting a bit of a major nervous wreck. Having not slept at all the night before probably did not in any way help with my nerves. Going off the last meeting with the critic, I wasn’t so sure if I wanted to see her again, especially with my complicated garment in a bunch of pieces that needed to be assembled during the fitting to properly make adjustments and corrections. It just seemed like I was setting myself up for a disaster.

Our professor had sent us an email prior to class to be prepared to only possibly have enough time to fit one of our looks, so we had to choose the stronger of our two looks. Although I’m not entirely sure which look is ”stronger,” the obvious choice was the red monster since the triangles mold to the body in a much different manner than if it were on a rigid dress form.

At around 2pm, our three models, Kelly, Christina and Olga arrived. We all quickly figured out which girl would best fit into the needs of our dress and from that we used the chalk board to sign up for the three different models.

Noticing that Kelly was the overall slimmest of the three, I chose to use her as my fit model for the 1st look. Mimi helped me as I placed the triangles to make sure I covered her breasts, crotch and butt area, then quickly marked off the area that needed to be cut off and changed.

Amsale was running a little late due to her prior commitments so she did not see my 1st dress on the model which I secretly found to be quite the relief. However, as everyone finished fitting their first look, we were told we could start signing up to start fitting our second look. Instead of fitting my second look, I decided it would be to my best benefit to refit my first dress with the new changes from the 1st fitting I had marked off.

Besides the obvious need for an extremely stable, intensely boned under-structure, there wasn’t too much that needed to be done with the triangles. Best of all, Amsale was actually impressed with how unexpected the dress was turning out. Have to say, much improved from our last meeting.

Our class managed to get through everyone’s looks with an extra half hour to spare and I snagged the opportunity to fit my 2nd look on Christina.

Overall the fitting today was quite a success. Amsale was impressed with the improvement and work we all had accomplished within the time we last met with her.

Special thanks to Helen for snapping pictures of my 2nd fitting!

With spring break already in view, we have a little under three weeks to bang out whatever we have left on our two looks for critic pre-judging on the 13th of April.

Countdown: 16 days.

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