Unpleasant content ahead.








Well, don’t say you I didn’t warn you.












Yea, What the *#(&*@(%)!(*@$)#%@*(^&)(*)$%^()#&@()$*!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those that never took us fashion design students seriously, do you see this??? We are hardcore! HARDCORE!!!!…. *stares at finger* *cries*

Sadly, this is not the first time something like this has happened. Last year, I broke a leather needle and the tip engrained itself into my thumb causing quite the bloody mess. The year before that, I broke a regular needle over my nail, leaving a deep groove that took for what seem like years before finally growing out and disappearing. This is the first time that the culprit was not the needle, but the screw holding the needle in place! (If confused, refer to diagram below). Not only did it jam down onto my nail, it broke clean through to my skin underneath. I can literally see clean through it from the bottom of my nail. You have no idea how much I hate everything right now…

At least Maria unknowingly saved the day by giving me a grapefruit. ^__^

In other news, all my triangles have finally all been sewn to one another! All that is left now is to drape the bodice, then sew the two to one another. Much easier said than done, but it feels so good to say such a simple sentence that I know I will definitely be dreading tomorrow.

The majority of the second dress is coming together as well.


Saturday compiled of making and dip dyeing flowers. For the most part, a successful venture.

(Boiling pot of flowers)
(Self Efficient Automated Flower Dryer)


Slowly, but surely the turtle won the race… Except I’m not a turtle, and there isn’t exactly a race to be won. I’m sure you know what I mean.

4 thoughts on “Grumpy

  1. I am so sorry to see your injured finger again. T____T Pay more attention when you are sewing your designs, especially you don’t have enough sleep.

    • It is okay, I wasn’t exactly not paying attention, I was trying to shield my triangles from the screw which resulted in me getting… well “screwed” instead -.- Thank you!

  2. You certainly are not a turtle! But you are a hard worker and you will always complete your great and beautiful designs and works.

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