Meet My Little Red Monster

Behold my Little Red Monster aka Dress 1. Such a freakin’ nightmare!!! It literally has kept me teetering off the edge of my sanity, it is no wonder I keep avoiding it. The original concept for this dress had the three-dimensional triangles wrapped around the neckline, but what I envisioned ended up not at all translating material wise. I struggled with it, trying to figure out how to save it in the week leading up to Amsale’s visit and got to a point where I definitely had something to show. I may not have been happy, but at least I wasn’t going to be empty handed.

(Abdiel modeling a section of my dress)

Two days before Amsale’s visit, I made the heart sinking decision to yet again, start over. Determined, I spent an entire night patterning a new concept and was much happier with the new drape.

(Photoshop mockup of dress, trippy…)

The patterns alone for this piece has been an absolute nightmare. Don’t get me wrong, I am an incredibly ”visual” learner, but creating dimension can really mess would your ability to see, at least mine anyway. This so far has really just boost my respect for the packaging design majors that much more.

Let’s not even begin to talk about sewing… BAAHHHH. Although this piece may look very rigid and strong, the material is easily changed and molded to the point that it has the ability to jeopardize my monster’s crispness.

The dress is still very much in the works with many things still evolving and still being figured out. With time running out, all I’m really hoping for is to have something that I can be proud of by the end.

And in case you forgot and were wondering… Yes, I am definitely a masochist. This dress is definitive proof of my insanity.

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    • That is so flattering, thank you! I’m in C706 a lot, so I suppose if you are bored one day, you could try your luck and see if I was there 😉 Good luck with your studies!

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